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Over 30 years of combined experience

Our story started over 30 years ago when we were only a small team with big potential and great ambitions.

Today we are confident to say that our experienced professionals have expert knowledge in every field and can handle quick all of your pest control requests. With our modern machines and high-quality chemicals, we can guarantee the efficiency of all services we offer and our loyal clients will confirm this.

Why you should hire us for pest control?

As famous cockroach killers in the past 30 years, we have met with thousands of clients in many different situations and pest issues.

During these years we have gained valuable experience dealing with over 100 000 pest control requests. We have built our reputation in Australia with hard work and expert knowledge, and our main goal was always to leave our customers happy and satisfied.

Hire us today and we will our professionals will come to send the pests away!

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    Pest control all over Australia

    Having troubles with insects, rodents, bugs or termites? We will help you out! Our professional pest control teams have years of experience dealing with all kinds of pests.

    We can offer high-quality pest control services in almost every Australian state, leaving our clients happy and their homes – free of pests. Our services are offered all over Australia in all states including VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, WA, TAS, and SA.

    Insect and Rodent Control

    Insects and rodents are the most common pests that can be found in almost every house. They prefer hiding in dark holes during the day and go out to seek food at night. The period for their full extermination depends on the size of the building and the current population of the pests.

    Cockroach and Bed Bug Treatment

    Cockroaches and bed bugs stay hidden during the day too and they habitat mainly the kitchen and the bedrooms. They can carry harmful bacteria for the human body and even deceases. Most of the time they can be exterminated with 2 to 3 visits by a professional team.

    Ant and Termite Treatment

    Ant and Termites can cause expensive damage to your house and furniture, especially if you don’t pay attention to the signs of their presence. The termite treatment can be completed for a couple months because they live underground and the size of the colony cannot be known from the start.



    Over 1000 satisfied customers

    What differs us from the other companies in this field is that we understand how important it is for every client to live with his family in a nice home where they can relax after a long working day.

    Having pests in your house will ruin your comfort and we know how exhausting this can turn out. This is the reason why our biggest goal is to provide pest control services with the highest possible quality and at the end of the day to leave another client happy in his pest-free home.

    Pests extermination is our duty

    Having pests in your house can be dangerous for you and your whole family because they carry lots of harmful deceases and also reproduce very quickly.

    Everybody wants to keep his family safe and healthy, that’s why we are here to kill all the pests inside your home or building. We work with only high-quality chemicals and combined with our professional experience and knowledge in the field, we guarantee the full extermination of all the unwanted pests inside your home.

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    How can you hire us and what to expect next?

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    Get your free quote now and tell us more details about your pest control issue.

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    We will review your request and will contact you back to book a property viewing.

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    When we inspect your home, we will give you an offer with a price for our services.

    Step 4

    We will book a date then our professional team will come to exterminate the pests.

    Step 5

    Our professional team will leave the property as soon as all pests are exterminated.