Possum Removal in Canberra

Possums on your Canberra roof

Possums are marsupial species that are native to and widespread in Australia. But even though they are abundant in suburbs such as Canberra, these possums generally pose no threat to humans. They may appear fearsome because of their similar features with rodents, but they are harmless. All they can do is act on defence when threatened - and they also rarely carry rabies with them which is something not a lot of residents are aware of.

However, possum control and treatment is still a much-needed pest control service since they tend to inhabit roofs - causing a lot of waste and noise which can disturb residence, especially at night.

We do not recommend you facing the inspection and treatment of this endeavour on your own. Possums can get really big, as heavy as 5 kg. Other than that, they also have sharp claws that can immediately scratch you once they feel like they need to be on the fence as you are trying to catch them. This would not be safe for you as injuries are probable. So it is best to hire a team of possum removal specialists in the pest control industry to get the job done for you.

That's why if you are experiencing this kind of problem in your Canberra property, it's best to call Pest Masters, our pest extermination company, to handle the possum inspection and treatment procedure for you.

Pest Masters, our pest extermination company, can help you with your possum situation

Possums are protected wildlife in Australia as we attempt to move them during our possum control and treatment procedures. With Pest Masters as one of the leading extermination companies in Canberra, we are determined that all removal and treatment services for any kind of pests are done with earnest sensitivity and urgency to ensure that no harm will be done to all parties involved.

Once you have scheduled your pest control appointment with our pest extermination company, we will be in your premises within an hour and conduct a thorough inspection of the vicinity where the possums are inhabiting.

We will then proceed with our removal treatments and catch these opossums. Afterwards, we will move these possums to a much safer environment that is more suited to their species and at the same time not causing some type of disturbance to residents in Canberra.