How Do I Get Rid Of A Wasp Nest In Australia?

Often we stumble across things we do not know and out of curiosity poke it and with that one poke we stir a tornado for us that may lead to something pretty fatal. Wasps make their nests close to human habitation and often end up getting disturbed by the action of an inexperienced human. The nest looks like a mid blob or paper mass and sometimes you might find flying insects buzzing around it. Such matters while would have been best left to wasp control Melbourne service expert providers, but many would have invited trouble not knowing enough in advance.

Knowing A Few Facts about Wasps

Wasps are very territorial. They are very defensive about their nests and if you try to remove them in a moment of being adventurous and brave you can get multiple stings which are frightfully painful. The wasps release pheromones causing other wasps in the locality to get aggressive. So be on guard when you spot these nests and try any move better informed or call in wasp control Melbourne service professionals.

Wasp nests look like small vessels or vases made of earth, Most are small but some might be like a huge termite mounds. They are made up of chewed up tree fibers, mud, resin and may be grey or brown in color.  Wasps have smaller colonies in spring and so are less attacking. It’s the best time to remove a wasp nest. The worst time to remove a nest is late summer as last brood of wasps is born, and that time wasps are very protective and aggressive.

Removing a Wasp Nest

Now before you remove a nest, protect yourself with proper gear. Wear something thick and difficult to penetrate. Wear boots, gloves and veil and keep all parts of your body covered.

On the basis of type of wasp nests different methods and chemical treatments are applied. Nests perched high above the ground are those of paper wasps and best tackled by wasp control Melbourne service specialists who have just the right technique by trained technicians to do a fantastic execution of the wasp nest through years of field experience. For aerial wasps nests like this if you want to tackle it you have to use a specialised poison that comes under the name projectile wasp spray which you can use around six metres away to spray the nest without the ladder. Aim it at the opening and use as much as you can and leave nest as it is for a day. If there is no activity the wasps have died or else re apply another one.

In case you wish to opt for removing a ground nest yourself in absence of ready expert help, here is what you need to do-

Plan ahead your escape route: In case you land into trouble, chalk out an area or route beforehand where you can quickly escape from being attacked to take protection.

Locate the nest and know the wasp variety: Knowing the nest location is very important as certain variety of wasps like yellow jackets can be very fierce.

Wearing protective clothing: You may hire second hand beekeeping suits or wear rough and thick material clothing that cover your body. Wear boots and gloves and face veil to protect yourself from sudden stings.

Pesticides: Use a regular hornet killing spray for ground wasps.

Remove nest at night time: Wasps remain inactive at night and that is the best time to remove as you have least chance of being attacked. Please see that all around you is safe before you spray. If you are inside your house or any closed space ensure all are out of reach and safely at a distance.

Spray should be used quickly: You have to be fast and use up whole wasp killing spray inside the nest. After 24 hours if there is no activity, bury it with dirt in the ground. If inside your house just put it into a garbage bag and tighten it and then take it outside.

Things to Remember While Spraying Pesticides

  • Do not spray plants
  • Do not spray near open water source or water tanks
  • Pick up dead wasps and dispose as pets might get access to them and this might harm them

If there is wasp activity yet no visible nests that you can locate chances are there is a wasp nest inside the walls of your house. Do not hit the panic button. You can try killing the wasps using a pest control powder that contains carbaryl. Also identify all gaps and holes through which wasps are entering and exiting. Seal these with steel wool which will prevent them from escaping and in a week they will die. If this fails then call wasp control Melbourne service experts.

It is nearly impossible trying to remove a wasp hive without hurting them. You can make them leave by hanging a fake nest (available in stores) near the present nest location. This is also something you can try which may or may not give you the results you are looking for. But the only thing why this has some possibility is being territorial they do not stay if there is another nest even in 200 meters of proximity. They might leave once they spot the fake nest.