How Do You Get Rid Of Possum Yourself?

Possums are unwelcome visitors that may wander around your property. Prior to it posing a threat to your safety, you must decide how to get rid of it. It might be challenging to get a possum to leave if it has already developed an interest in your home. Read on to learn about effective possum removal in Melbourne techniques.

Possum Removal

Possums can be helpful in the yard, but it’s not always enjoyable to think of them prowling your land at night. Being a marsupial, the female opossum carries her offspring in a pouch on her belly. The young opossums travel on her back for a few months until they are mature enough before leaving on their own.

Possums have a high percentage of infant mortality, and even those that survive to adulthood only live for two years on average. Although they occasionally venture outside during the day to hunt for food, possums are typically nocturnal animals. They live alone as well.

Possum As Pests

As nocturnal creatures, possums prefer the darkness for their comfort. However, you may frequently discover signs of the creatures’ existence in the morning, even though many residents have never seen them roam about the yard and its surroundings.

  • Possums as pests can litter, damage objects, destroy gardens, empty pet feeders, or disperse trash cans.
  • Instead of creating their nests, they occupy pre-made burrows and nests that have been outfitted to their tastes. They won’t stay if you don’t leave them a place to live; they’ll go elsewhere to find a more acceptable location to reside.
  • Possums can seriously harm the storage of harvests, destroy the food you feed your animals or birds, and scatter dry goods.
  • Throwing out meats, eggs, fats, or oils will draw scavengers like opossums to the compost pile. Never leave pet food or water out overnight if you are serious about possum removal service in Melbourne.

Can Possums Spread Disease To Humans?

When they scratch and bite, possums can spread toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, coccidiosis, tularaemia, and tuberculosis. Humans are also susceptible to these infections if they come into contact with their feces or urine.

Signs Of Damage Caused By Possum

Possum infestation symptoms are typically apparent before they are visible due to their size and activity. When in search of food, opossums are reported to scratch and create noises resembling hissing and shrieking.

It’s time to do a thorough check to confirm that possums are the pest you’re dealing with if you’ve also discovered property damage and indications that your trash has been combed through.

Look for the following signs when in doubt about possible possum infestation:

  • Trash is scattered outside of the garbage bin and tampered with.
  • Bad odours that smell strange.
  • Pet food has suddenly vanished.
  • Your home’s exterior and garbage can have scratches.
  • Nesting materials can be found in logs, crevices, cracks, or even your attic or backyard.

Step-By-Step Guide To Remove Possum

The best part is that keeping this animal out of your yard and getting rid of it won’t require much effort. If a possum wanders into your yard, it is best to leave it alone. It will probably move within the next couple of days or so.

The below-mentioned steps can help you with possum removal in Melbourne in an effective manner.

Step 1 Assess the property for damage

Take a stroll around your property and search for any opossum indicators. Start by checking your garbage cans to see if anything seems to have been taken out of them or tampered with. If so, then this is probably how they are acquiring their food from your land. Next, scan the exterior of your property for evidence of scratching. These are indications that the possum might be trying to sneak inside so it can access more food. Observe faeces as well; they might be as huge as cat droppings.

Step 2 Locate the nest

There is possibly a possum nesting nearby if you’ve noticed persistent property damage. Check closely to determine whether they’ve shifted their nest if you’ve noticed noises coming from your attic. Check any covered areas around your home, such as hollow logs, vegetation, holes, or fissures, with a flashlight. Possums don’t build their nesting areas; instead, they normally bring the necessary supplies into a protected location that is already enclosed.

Step 3 Trapping

Possums can be caught using a method that is both do-it-yourself and commercially viable: a trap and bait. The possum is then released in a safe location. The trapping procedure for possum removal in Melbourne could need several days if you have to wait for the possum to approach the trap.

Step 4 Repellents

Natural and synthetic repellents can be employed in combination with other possum control methods. Possum removal Melbourne procedure can be followed by employing tastes and odours that possums find unattractive. These do not damage possums; instead, they serve as a deterrent. Repellents generally begin functioning immediately, even though they often need to be reapplied to work effectively.

Step 5 Prevention

Possums can be successfully kept away from your property by altering the environment in your yard that draws them to the area and eliminating the points of entrance, as opposed to forcing them to leave in search of food and shelter.

You can create a focused and effective treatment plan if you are aware that you have a possum issue on your property. This will entail a multifaceted approach to removing them using traps, repellents, baits, and other techniques of possum removal Melbourne in addition to releasing the trash and food that is available to them.


Possum removal is best left to professionals because it could endanger your family or pets. To solve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible, you can get in touch with our expert at Besure Pest Control Melbourne for professional animal removal services in Melbourne.