How to Get Rid of Summer’s Most Annoying Pest?

Summers are all about fun, activity, and the outdoors. But summers also mean a great deal for unwanted insects and other pest activity as the two seem to work around one another. With warmer temperatures, pests are all around, many that infest outside and a few inside your homes which can be quite unnerving. And these pests can cause disruption in your routine. Summertime also makes a few of them aggressive and they become productive. While a few can be tackled by home remedies but if they happen to include pests on endangered lists like possums, keeping them at bay is not an easy cakewalk. You have to hire possum removal Melbourne service experts to come and remove them with no harm to you or the possum!

To keep the irritating pests homeowners like you should observe clean sanitation practices and certain maintenance to prevent infestation in your property. So here is a list of annoying pests.

Top List of Annoying Pests and How You Can Get Rid Of Them

There are many pests that visit your home. Of course, rodents are a common pesky visitor that is nocturnal by habit and are common in late summer. Due to their quick breeding and love for filthy, dirty, and damp spaces, they are hard to keep away particularly if you as a homeowner slip on general hygiene. They feed on anything and everything.

So cutting off their entry is a good practice which would involve sealing cracks and crevices in doors, and windows, repairing pipes and keeping kitchen and food zones spic and span with no food spills. Keeping away their access to food makes them turn away. Of course, in case of an already infested huge infestation calling rat removal Melbourne service professionals ensure complete eradication.

Other pests include-

Cockroach: Though these pests are frequent visitors all the year through, they are particularly active in summer and owing to heat become aggressive. They also reproduce rapidly. So to prevent them from coming keep food crumbs and spills out of your routine since it’s food that attracts them. General neat and clean surroundings turn them away. Easy homemade remedies that kill cockroaches are baking soda and sugar and boric acid. Also spraying them with soapy water suffocates and kills them. Using glue strips is very effective in safely getting rid of cockroaches saving you from spraying toxic insecticides on them.

Fleas: Summers cause a rise in temperature that causes a huge amount of flea activity as the warmth makes their eggs and larvae develop faster. They settle in the fur of your pets at home causing them discomfort and irritation. They are hard to spot and often require professional intervention if very severe. But you may try many do-it-yourself techniques like using citrus or lemon to rinse your pet as citrus kills fleas. Apple cider vinegar as a skin-rinsing solution is very good. Add two tablespoons of the vinegar to a liter of water and finally rinse your pet after their bath.

Ticks: These are common pest that causes health risks as they are vectors of Lyme disease and are known to cause meat allergies in some sensitive people. If you happen to be around thick bushes or grass they stick on to you. So avoid walking in such areas. Natural tick repellents are garlic, apple cider vinegar, neem oil, eucalyptus oil, and cedar oil spray is a great repellent and also safe for humans,

Ants: Ants are irritants not just outdoors but also indoors and get active in summer, especially with the availability of food sources. So take care to clean up your kitchen, dining areas, and external yards, especially after a picnic as these are quick to build their colony and eventually find their way inside. To kill and repel ants use silicon dioxide available in stores. Any glass cleaner also works on them. Other items that work are ground or red pepper, peppermint, tea tree oil, lemon eucalyptus oil, and the best and easiest is white vinegar.

Possums: These tiny mouse-like creatures can get handfuls when they infest your homes and build their nests in the attic, and under decks and spread infection, and generally litter through their droppings and also make noise. Because they are on a protected list it’s best to call in possum removal Melbourne service experts.

Flies: Flies can be dangerous as they sit on everything from animal poop to your food passing infection and contaminating water and food items spreading dangerous disease-causing pathogens that affect you, and your pet’s health. Using essential oil sprays like citronella oil, lavender eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon grass is very effective. Sprinkling salt and turmeric on the kitchen counter also drives away flies. Try tying orange peels in a muslin cloth. Now hang this around your kitchen and see how flies leave

Mosquitoes: These are one of the most lethal flying pests that cause dengue fever, Zia virus, and malaria. Burning coffee grounds is effective at keeping mosquitoes away. You can set mosquito traps or light lavender candles. Spraying essential oils like citronella, lemon, and eucalyptus helps. Leave a plate of lemon slices or cloves all around your home.

All these are fine as long as the infestation is mild but for severe infestation of dangerous and destructive pests like rats calling rat removal Melbourne is a must as also calling other pest control depending on the specificity of the pest and intensity of the infestation.