How to Identify Different Types of Wasps and Their Behaviors?

If you are living in Australia you might have faced a wasp infestation on your premises. There are thousands of species of wasps in Australia and most homeowners fear an infestation owing to their aggressive territorial habits. Many seek assistance from wasp control Brisbane service experts for total removal and protection.

Wasps can inflict multiple stings on you and the sting has enough venom to give you excruciating pain. Wasps are important for maintaining the balance of nature’s food cycle and also are nature’s pollinators. They feed on other insects and many prove useful as these insects cause plant damage. In case you come across a large nest and do not know what to do, simply call in wasp control Perth specialists for complete removal.

Let us look at different varieties of wasps and their unique habits.

European Paper Wasps

This particular species has reddish brown wings, a tiny head, medium-length yellow antennae, and eyes of medium size. It has a slender body and a narrow waist. It feeds on insects at quite a fast pace putting their population at risk. Their competitors for nectar are honey bees and a few bird species.

Sand Wasps

These may be black and white or yellow and black. They have a light green pattern on their bodies. They feed on flies and for this reason, might hang around human activities found in the woodland of Australia and urban places. Their nests are solitary, found in sunny spots in loose sand. They are generally not attacking by nature and do not sting.

Native Paper Wasps

These are smaller and do not have any yellow markings. They have a small head, medium-sized antennas, and eyes. They also have small waists and slim bodies. Their black stomachs have few orange or yellow streaks. The wings in front are bigger than the second set of wings. They are found all across Australia in woods, forests, and urban areas. They are helpful to have in your gardens and do not attack unless they feel their nests are in danger. If you face such a situation you can engage wasp control Brisbane for a smooth removal.

Asian Paper Wasps

It has its origins in eastern Asia including China and Japan. They are a cause of nuisance in Australia and look a lot like European wasps. They have a large upper black region, a yellow lower portion, and a thin abdomen. They have orange antennas. Their nests have open cells.

White-Faced Brown Paper Wasps

They are found along Australia’s east coast and have a brown or red body with abdominal white rings including the chest area. They have a white face and occur mostly in areas like southern Queensland, New South Wales, and the capital territory.

Tree Brown Paper Wasps

The head, upper thorax, and abdomen of these wasps are usually yellow, having dark brown to black patterns or marks. They inhabit suburban gardens and yards, forests, and woodlands. They occur all across coastal Queensland, some areas of New South Wales, and upper and lower areas of the Northern Territory.

Their nests that are found in Queensland are huge going up to about a meter in length. The nests are seen attached to tree foliage or canopy in Northern Queensland and are of medium size.

Common Wasps

Common wasps are found in Europe, Asia Minor, and North Africa, and they look like European wasps.  They live in huge community nests that have a small visible opening as its entrance. They may give multiple stings that can be very painful. They hang around human activity to feed their larvae. They seek protein-rich food found in picnics, meat from barbecues, pet food, and other insects including spiders too. If you face a large population of such wasps you can hire wasp control Perth service specialists.

Mud Nesting Wasps

These are the most observed species found all across Australia. They are yellow and black or orange and black. They are called mud nesting wasps because they nest in mud. They are also known as potter wasps, spider vases, organ pipes, and mud daubers. Some species have a longish thin body portion between the abdomen and thorax that looks extended out.

Concluding Thoughts

Wasps are frequent pests in Australia and they usually infest in large numbers. So when you spot any wasp nests, it is a safer and more practical option to get in touch with Wasp Control Brisbane service specialists as wasp stings not only can be painful but trigger allergies and other health discomforts. So do not take it mildly and deal with them carefully and preferably with professional help as experts know the best techniques to solve the issue.