Our Maggot Treatment in Sydney

Removal of maggots: Step-by-step procedure

The eradication of the maggots may leave anyone who is unaware confused about what process they should employ to completely meet the successful outcomes they want. Unlike other pests like ants and cockroaches, you cannot just apply spray treatments to remove the maggots. Chances are that you might be the one harmed in the process with insufficient information and procedure to do so.

Our team of experts adhere to four (4) specific steps to remove the maggots conveniently. It is no sweat for us because we are comprehensively trained to handle various equipment and solutions suitable for your case.

Keen inspections and planning phase

To better investigate the property, it is important to discover all the places where maggots are possibly feeding or residing. We begin by searching through the food products, garbage bins, and even the filthy corners of your premises.

Our experts will focus on places that we are typically germ-ridden. Maggots live on bacteria and dirt- this is mainly the reason why we are going to meticulously search for your property. After gathering all the necessary data that we need, our team will be formulating a personalised approach suitable for the severity of maggot infestation you have.

Eradication phase and treatment

We will now eradicate the maggots thoroughly. Commonly, the DIY treatment for this is to boil water and pour it on the maggot infestation and its eggs to completely kill its existence. However, this method could take a long time before we have met the outcomes that we want.

So, our team will employ the safest and newest advanced tools that will remove the maggot infestation entirely leaving no trace of its invasion. We may even apply eco-safe treatments that contain sodium chloride also known as table salt to effectively kill even its eggs.

Cleaning and sanitation

A germ-free and hygienic environment is essential to prevent any recurrence of the maggot infestation. Otherwise, you will happen to experience this drastic problem once more. Using organic formulated cleaning agents, you will not have to suffer from severe strong scent from our solutions.

We have a UV imaging tool that easily captures the existence of the bacteria and germs all-around your property.


Finally, we will check your property again in case we have overlooked some parts that are infested as well. We will make sure also to provide you with helpful tips that you can apply to maintain your premises maggot-free.

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