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Possums are an invaluable asset for any property since they are the only animal that feeds ticks but is resistant to diseases that are transferred by contaminated ticks. Possums should be removed from your home as soon as possible. Aside from this little aspect, they can be a nuisance. Despite the widespread assumption that possums carry the disease, they are less likely to do so than other animals like raccoons and domestic pets. Possums in metropolitan settings have evolved into human settings and moved into nearby neighbourhoods and homes, even though their population is declining. In general, they like to reside on roofs and beneath foundations for which you will need possum removal Brisbane services.

Possums are known in Brisbane for dispersing fleas; however, this is relatively common. An infestation of fleas can spread quickly and is a big concern. Property owners must refrain from removing possums themselves since they can bite and claw if they feel threatened. A competent technician for same day possum removal Brisbane can handle opossum removal effectively and humanely. Contact us right away for more information on the best possum removal service Brisbane that suits your budget.

Possums Inhabiting Your Brisbane Roof

Possums are marsupial species that are local to and inescapable in Australia. Yet, despite the fact that they are plentiful in suburbs, for example, Brisbane, these possums, by large, represent no danger to people.

They may seem fearsome as a result of their comparable highlights with rodents, however, they are innocuous. The best anyone can hope for at this point is to follow up on protection when undermined - and they additionally infrequently convey rabies which is an aspect not a great deal of inhabitants know about.

In any case, possum control and treatment is as yet a genuinely necessary pest control administration since they will, in general, occupy roofs - causing a ton of waste and commotion which can upset homeowners, particularly around evening time.

We don't suggest you confronting the treatment and inspection of this undertaking all alone. Possums can get huge, as heavy as 5 kg. Other than that, they additionally have sharp claws that can quickly scratch you once they have a feeling that they should be defensive as you are attempting to catch them. This will not be alright for you as wounds are likely. So it is ideal to enlist a group of possum removal experts in the pest control industry to take care of the business for you.

That is the reason on the off chance that you are encountering this sort of issue in your Brisbane property, it's ideal to call Pest Masters, our pest extermination organization, to deal with the possum inspection and treatment technique for you.

Exactly What Are Possums?

Possum stand on wall

Possums normally measure between two and three feet from nose to tail tip and weigh between four and fifteen pounds (about the size of a large house cat). Possums have pointed snouts, white faces, and grey bodies. They may wrap around tree branches using their long, hairless tails.

Possums are marsupials that live well in both suburban and forested regions. They can thrive and procreate well in suburban environments because they will consume nearly anything. Possums have existed since the days of the dinosaurs.

They frequently pretend dead by curling up on their backs as a defence tactic. They are renowned for hissing and baring their teeth as well. This behaviour is frequently misdiagnosed as rabies. Possums are nocturnal animals; thus, sightings will most likely happen at night. Their diet includes a variety of foods, including grass, fruit, rubbish, insects, birds, and snakes, in addition to roadkill.

In its place, you might discover your trash can knocked over and eaten, dead birds or snakes in your yard, or you might not immediately see a possum. Throughout the night, if you are outside, you might see one runoff after locating food. These two methods can help you determine whether possums are an issue on your property and whether or not you need possum removal Brisbane services.

How Dangerous Are Possums?

Possums harm newly grown pine plantations, flowers, fruit trees, and woods. When they manage to get into your garden and cause severe damage, they'll also eat crops and ornamental plants. Possums are true omnivores, which means they also consume snails, frogs, mice, rats, voles, snakes, birds, and their eggs. Because it interferes with their ability to breed, their obsession with eggs poses a threat to native bird species.

Possums can also seriously harm your property by gnawing on electrical wiring, which poses a fire risk and is expensive to repair. Also, they could bring fleas and ticks into your home on their fur, which is potentially overrun with them. You and your pet will experience problems as a result of these lesser pests.

Possums are often considered pests, and while they can be dangerous, they're not as dangerous as many people think. Possums can carry diseases and parasites, and they can also be a danger to small children and pets. However, possums are not typically aggressive animals, and with proper precautions, our possum removal Brisbane experts can safely control them.

Health Risks Posed by Possums

While the possums are not as dangerous as compared to some other wildlife pests. However, here are some risks involved, if they enter your premises.

Check list Diseases Carried by Possums

Possums can harbour illnesses that humans and pets can contract. They usually don't act aggressively, but their bites or scratches can cause infections. Possums may also harbour parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, which can harm both people and animals.

Check list Allergies and Respiratory Issues

The droppings and urine of possums can contain allergens that, when airborne, may trigger allergies and respiratory issues in some individuals. Breathing in airborne allergens from possum waste can lead to symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and respiratory discomfort.

Possums in Brisbane: What Attracts Them?

Possums are neither violent nor destructive, and they don't attack or threaten pets or dig tunnels, so having one in your yard shouldn't be an issue. Because they eat mice and voles in addition to a variety of insects including crickets and beetles, they are advantageous to people. Possums may eat pet food or trash that is left outside, and they occasionally break into chicken coops to steal hens or eat the eggs. Moreover, they would enter gardens to consume fruits and vegetables.

If you discover a possum inside your home, please contact a qualified wildlife removal specialist right once. Possum may have lice, mites, ticks, fleas, and other parasites that might spread to the house's surroundings. Additionally, particularly in metropolitan settings, possums serve as hosts for cat and dog fleas. Hence, it is advisable to call our same day possum removal Brisbane professional, and have the possum removed from your home, garage, deck, attic, or crawl space as soon as possible.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Possum Removal Experts

Brisbane's Pest Masters is the firm to contact if you require a pest control service. Our possum removal Brisbane professionals are glad to assist you with possum menace for the following reasons.

Check list Specialised Knowledge

Possum infestations can be well managed by professional possum removal Brisbane experts who have specialised knowledge and training in possum removal. They are able to remove possums from your property efficiently and safely since they are familiar with the biology, behaviour, and habits of possums.

Check list Legal Compliance

Wildlife conservation is an important aspect to be followed in many areas. It may be illegal to harm or kill possums without proper permits. Expert possum catchers Brisbane are familiar with local wildlife regulations and will ensure that their removal methods comply with the law.

Check list Effective Solutions

professional possum removal Brisbane specialists have access to a range of effective possum removal techniques and tools. They can employ methods that are both humane and efficient in relocating possums away from your property.

Check list Customised Plans

Best possum exterminators Brisbane will assess your specific situation and create a customised plan tailored to your property's needs. This ensures that the removal process is tailored to the unique challenges posed by your possum infestation.

Check list Time and Cost Savings

Although there may be a cost associated with employing best possum removal service in Brisbane, in the long run you will likely save money and time. Possum removal attempts made on your own may be less successful and result in more damage and costs.

Check list Property Protection

Local possum removal services Brisbane are aware of the area and take precautions to avoid further infestations in addition to removing the possums. They can locate openings and seal them off, make repairs, and offer suggestions for long-term property security.

Contact us for possum removal in Brisbane right away if you want to handle the issue safely and effectively.

We make it quick and simple. Simply complete our quick contact form, describe your possum removal requirements, and we'll put you in touch with our local professional who can handle your particular needs.

Why Should You Hire Us For Possum Removal?

As a locally run, family-owned company in Brisbane, we're sure of the services we offer to our neighbours. Our possum removal Brisbane team takes pride in providing customers with enduring relationships while offering informed, courteous, and professional service. You can trust that we will only offer the best possum removal service Brisbane since we understand that our clients are families just like yours. No infestation is too big for our staff to tackle. We provide:

Check list Expertise and Experience

At Pest Masters we have spent years in the field, perfecting our methods through extensive research and innovation. As a result, we proudly hold the title of Brisbane's top-choice possum removal and home protection provider.

Check list Safety First

We understand the diverse dangers that possums can pose, and we are here to ensure your safety. Our team of best possum exterminators Brisbane is dedicated to ensuring that you can enjoy your space without possum-related concerns.

Check list Ethical Practices

When you hire us for professional possum removal Brisbane, you are not only solving your pest problem but also supporting ethical practices that prioritise the welfare of possums and the environment. We avoid the use of harmful poisons or traps that can cause unnecessary suffering to possums.

Check list Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive approach is designed to minimise stress and harm to these creatures while effectively resolving the issue. Our highly trained expert possum catchers Brisbane use live traps and relocation methods that ensure the possums are safely and humanely removed from your property, allowing them to continue their natural lives elsewhere.

Check list Long-Term Solutions

Our experts recommend habitat modifications that make your property less attractive to possums. This can include removing food sources or creating barriers to deter them. All this is a part of our long-term solution promoting a possum-free environment.

Check list Peace of Mind

We understand that the psychological relief and confidence that come with a possum-free home are invaluable. When you choose our best possum removal service in Brisbane, you are not just getting a service, you are getting peace of mind.

Check list Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated services extend throughout the city of Brisbane, leaving behind a trail of satisfied customers. We take pride in our track record of delivering effective and humane possum removal solutions.

Pest Masters, Our Pest Extermination Organization, Can Assist you With Your Possum Circumstance

Possums, in Australia, are protected wildlife as we endeavour to catch them during our possum treatment and control methods. With Pest Masters as one of the main extermination organizations in Brisbane, we are resolved that all removal and treatment administrations for any sort of pests are finished with sincere affectability and urgency to guarantee that no damage will be done to all people and possums involved.

Whenever you have booked your pest control meeting with our pest extermination organization, we will be in your premises inside an hour and lead a careful inspection of the region where the possums are occupying.

We will at that point continue with our removal treatments and catch these possums. Thereafter, we will move these animals to a lot more secure climate that is more fit to their species and simultaneously not making some sort of aggravation to occupants in Brisbane.

The Most Effective Method for Removing Possum

There are a few things that homeowners can do to deter possums from frequenting their property as they are omnivorous and don't discriminate based on nutrition. The most important thing to remember is never to leave trash outside your house, especially at night, and to make sure that your trash cans are always properly closed. These creatures can be more inclined to target your house if it has fruit trees or a garden. Our top-notch method to get rid of possums includes.

Check list Inspection

We provide a no-cost, no-obligation house inspection. We'll figure out where the possum issue came from. We then develop a possum removal Brisbane strategy that is best suited to your home, to get rid of and defend against possums.

Check list Possum removal treatment

With our specialised possum removal Brisbane treatment, we first locate and attack the cause of your possum problem. Then we treat any unfinished basements, garages, crawl spaces, trash areas, or attics; anywhere a pest could potentially enter your property or establish a home there, we'll put up a barrier to keep them out. Depending on what works best for your scenario, we use a range of methods to offer you the best possum removal service Brisbane.

Check list Post-inspection

Once our possum removal Brisbane specialist solves your possum issue. Then, our environmental protection stops them from coming back inside your house. We use a granular base around the foundation to build a barrier of defence around your house. Then, to keep pests out, we treat siding, windows, and doors. Also, we will add granular bait to your flower and mulch beds, where it is carried back to any prospective nests and destroyed.

We Provide Same-Day and Emergency Possum Services in Brisbane

Possums may make a mess and inflict extensive damage that can cost thousands of dollars to repair after they establish a nest in your attic, walls, or underneath the deck or porch. Possums will also frequent your attic year after year because they have no issues coexisting with people.

Call us if you suspect you could have an opossum issue. We'll manage the possum "problem" with our same day possum removal Brisbane services. We will inspect and provide a quote at no cost to you while also advising you of the steps required to get rid of the possum and stop it from returning. At Pest Masters, our professionals offer you a full emergency possum removal Brisbane right away!

Residential Possum Removal Service in Brisbane

Domestic Possum Removal

Possums can be found in any kind of residential setting. Possums play dead when confronted, which is a very efficient defence tactic. Possums that make their dens in attics or crawl spaces often cause problems with humans. On rare occasions, opossums will enter homes through unlocked doors or pet doors. More than just trapping and removing possums is what we do. We offer a thorough and long-lasting solution for residential possum removal in Brisbane service. After the animals are gone, we locate the problem's origin, which is usually a nice feature of the house, such holes or openings at the roof line that lead to the attic, and we seal these openings shut to ensure that you never have the problem again. We track down any damage the animals might have caused, perform any necessary repairs, and clean up any biohazardous waste that might have been generated as a result of their stay. We provide our services with the utmost detail and the best possible client care.

Emergency Possum Removal Services in Brisbane

Emergency possum removal service

Possums provide specific issues for homeowners since they are climbers and not diggers. For their nest locations, possums typically opt for decks and sheds that are slightly elevated off the ground or already have an animal-made hole. Possums will also climb up roofs to access attics through roof vents, exhaust vents, and/or soffits to create a warm, protected den site. Once inside, possums can compact insulation and defecate on it, which results in very expensive damage to the insulation. At Pest Masters, we offer emergency possum removal services in Brisbane.  Our best possum removal service Brisbane will help you get rid of possum infestation as soon as possums are discovered on your property.

Same-Day Possum Control in Brisbane

Same day Possum removal service

Possums naturally build dens in places like brush piles and tree cavities. Possums are incredibly opportunistic creatures and will live in the abandoned burrow of another animal. Possums often break into trash cans to get food. A cosy option for a hollow tree as an opossum den location in cities and suburbs may be a chimney, attic, wall void, or crawlspace. Our same day possum removal Brisbane experts can reduce the harm done to your home and garden. Our possum removal begins on the same day as soon as the animal is found dwelling in your neighbourhood. Our experts are aware of the potential harm this animal poses. Our professionals are equipped and trained to manage these powerful creatures securely. Remember that Pest Masters is your go-to local expert for same day possum removal Brisbane service provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.) What are the tell-tale symptoms that I have possums on my property?

Ans. Possums are nocturnal, which means they seek food at night and during the day when food is scarce. Either in her pouch or on her back, a group of her young will be present. All of these creatures will scavenge for grubs and insects to eat on the grass or in planters. Additional indications in the yard include faeces, footprints, and upturned trash cans. Unusual sounds coming from the walls or attic may be a sign.

Q2.) How did I acquire possums in my yard?

Ans. Your yard likely includes something that the possum enjoys. This might be dog food, a fruit orchard, a garden, open garbage cans, or just a tiny access to your attic, cellar, or shed.

Q3.) How do I get possums out of my home?

Ans. Keep your yard clear of clutter. Once the animal has left, close up all exterior gaps. Calling Pest Masters for possum removal Brisbane is any day the best option.

Q4.) Do we have a threat of bites from possums?

Ans. Many wild animals will bite if provoked, but possum bites are extremely uncommon since they are calm. It will likely snarl at you at most. Possums do play dead, as the phrase goes. The possum will turn over and pretend to be dead if it is attacked as a protective measure until the danger has passed

Q5.) What types of possums do you remove in Brisbane?

Ans. Our expert possum catchers Brisbane specialise in removing common brushtail possums and ringtail possums, which are the most frequently encountered possum species in Brisbane.

Q6.) How can I request a quote for possum removal in Brisbane?

Ans. Requesting a quote for our professional possum removal Brisbane service is easy. You can reach out to us through our website or contact our customer service. We'll gather the necessary information about your possum issue and provide you with a competitive quote based on your specific needs.

Q.7) Will the possum not return to my roof?

Ans. No, we'll patch up any existing gaps during a possum removal Brisbane procedure that it might find a way through, in addition to the ones where it's already entering.