Maggot Control Service in Hobart

What are maggots?

Maggots are one of the most unsanitary pests to invade your property. A maggot infestation happens when a fly lays their eggs and as it develops it becomes maggots and evolves as a fly that lays more eggs sooner or later.

Maggot is part of the evolution of a fly and this carries a lot of bacteria and microbes that can be transmitted to humans and animals as well. That is why when you have accidentally ingested a maggot-infested food unknowingly, you may later on experience severe stomach pain or digestive tract problems.

The moment you have observed that there is a maggot plague going on in your property, it is wrong to be complacent about it because it is a significant problem that instantly calls your attention to have experts for them to inspect and evaluate which removal procedure is suitable for this case.

You may typically see maggots around the trash bins and even on garbage that is filled with juices or fluids as they thrive more on high temperatures and contaminated places. Sometimes, you may even encounter their infestation on the kitchen table where there is rotten food neglected.

Exterminating the maggots alone may put you in a vulnerable position. Diseases and even structural damage may happen in case you have failed to remove the maggots completely. For a thorough maggot eradication, you can always rely on our professionals for complete removal without delay.

We have suitable treatments to exterminate the maggots for both residential and commercial properties in Hobart. Ours also offer same-day eradication service that assures you of our on-time appearance within an hour.

Tips from our Hobart experts: How do you prevent a maggot infestation?

Pest Masters professionals are competent and friendly in providing informative recommendations to prevent any maggot invasion to occur in your homes and offices in Hobart.

Here are some tips you can follow in order to prevent any maggot infestation to happen in your homes and even to your workplace to keep you and your loved ones safe!

  • Do not leave any leftover food unattended on the kitchen table especially if it spoils easily. Put it inside the refrigerator and keep it chilled to protect it against maggot development.
  • Secure your garbage bags by tying it up and strain any fluids to avoid any leakage and foul odour that may attract flies to lay eggs and cause maggot invasion.
  • If you have pets, make sure to change or clean their food bowl as flies may lay their eggs on pet food. Keep it covered completely if it is not their mealtime.
  • Clean up your garbage bin at least twice or thrice a week. Make sure that the lid is also cleaned up and sealed properly.
  • Facilitate a general cleaning inside your homes to secure a sanitary and hygienic practice.