Possum Removal in Hobart

Possums residing on Hobart roofs

Possums are marsupial animals that come from Australia and North America and are very widespread in such locations. But even though in suburbs such as Hobart they are numerous, they do not pose any risk to humans in general. They may sound awful due to their similar characteristics with rats, but they are harmless. They will only operate on the defence when threatened, and they often seldom carry rabies that is not recognised by many residents.

Possum control and treatment services are nevertheless very much needed as they prefer to live on roofs - which causes a lot of waste, noise and damage, especially at night.

We do not advocate that you take this action with your inspection and care alone. Possums can get very large, 5 kg as heavy. Besides, they also have sharp claws that can scratch you immediately when they feel as if they have to be on the fence as you try to pick them up. This isn't healthy for you and injuries are possible. Therefore, it is easier to employ a squad of possum removal experts in the pest control and management industry to do the work.

So it's better to contact Pest Masters, our pest extermination business, to manage the inspection and treatment process for you if you have this kind of problem at your Hobart house.

Pest Masters will assist you with your condition as a pest extermination firm in Hobart

Possums in Australia are protected wildlife as we are attempting, through our control and treatment procedures, to move them. With Pest Masters as one of the leading extermination firms in Hobart, we are committed that all removal and treatment services for any kind of pests are performed with earnest sensitivity and diligence to guarantee that no damage can be done to any involved parties.

When your pest appointment with our pest control company is set, we will be at your premises within one hour to carry out an in-depth inspection in the field in which the possums reside.

We will then carry out our treatments for removal and catch these possums. Then we move them to a far more stable and species-friendly area that at the same time does not disrupt Hobart inhabitants.