The Dangers of Possum Infestation: Why You Should Act Quickly to Remove Them

Possums are marsupials and if you are new to Australia you should know that there are several species of possums. The two most common types that often stray in your property are brush tail possums and ringtail possums. They originally live in the open wild spaces but with urbanization they also haunt human habitation and wreck havoc and then you have to rope in pest control service providers in your area.

Possums come under the protected list. They are a real nuisance element when they wander in. But since homeowners like you and me are inexperienced about their safe removal we have to resort to the help of possum removal service Sydney experts. They are shy nocturnal creatures and prefer quiet hidden and dark places like garden shed, backyards, roof gaps, and attic to make their nest.

What Are The Risks From Possum Infestation?

Possums are mousy looking and love to take refuge in a relatively inactive and concealed area like basement, attic or roof gap. They are big eaters and come out at night to forage for food. They feed on filth and garbage and are notorious for leaving behind huge amounts of their dark brown fecal matter that may turn very unpleasant and leave an unbearable odor if left unattended. They also urinate equally often and the bad smell is owing to the huge quantities of ammonia in them. If you have pets you could mistake their droppings for those of your cat or dog. They are dark and fairly large and consist of seeds bits and some insects.

Health risks

Possums otherwise remain to themselves and avoid interacting with humans. They are active at night. But any accidental contact with them or contamination by their droppings and urine can be harmful to you as they carry bacteria. When people come in contact with these bacteria through an open wound or cut, it causes Leptospirosis.  Common symptoms you might suffer are fever, rashes, muscle aches and chills, jaundice, diarrhea, headache, stomach pain, vomiting. In the young, elderly and immunity weakened, the bacteria can cause kidney malfunction and also lead to death.

Possums have a thick fur and carry ticks and mites. They are also carriers of tapeworms and ringworms that may affect not just you put also your pets.

Possums should not be allowed to settle as they are difficult to move once in and because of their sneaky nature. They also have smelly mouths that carry many diseases causing pathogens in them. So it is very easy for them to contaminate our food and water, more so they do this when we are asleep. Salmonella bacteria often often thrive in possum intestines and you can get infected with this if you accidentally touch possum feces. Symptoms may include stomach pain, diarrhea, headache and vomiting. Possums also carry mycobacterium that is known to cause tuberculosis

Damage to property

Possums have sharp teeth like rodents and can damage air vents and also home appliances like your dishwasher or fridge. They can damage insulation and like rodents chew wires that may lead to fires suddenly. Since possums are always looking to nest, they may damage your home structure or roof when they try to gain entry inside your home or attic. They enlarge their entry points for their convenience and this damages your structure. Possums can also damage the walls and floors of your home and rip and tear your personal items if they get access. Possums use all sorts of debris and household articles in their nest and love attacking insulation, causing you expenses in repair and replacement.

Nuisance in your garden and external yards

If you have a green patch and have neat beds of vegetables and young fruit bearing trees then you have something to worry if possums gain entry. They are fruit and vegetable loving sneaky devils and trample on your garden beds and attack young plants. They also love making nests in burrows, tree holes, under stairs and decks and brush piles. They also come lured by pet food smells if you happen to leave your pet bowl outside and in the process wreck up your garden. They also enjoy snacking over worms and insects. They dig up your lawn and grass and make it look a mess.

Since they are protected animals once you have them you have no option but to call in possum removal service Sydney to set traps in a humane way and get them off your property. If you have house with a garden fence, going electric is a way to keep them away. Overhanging trees and bushes give them easy access to your attics as they function as bridge.

To conclude possums are a menace you all wish to avoid. Apart from the damages they cause and health risks, they are difficult to remove unless you call pest control service experts. So next time you see one, hire the experts.