The Importance of Regular Pest Inspections for Your Melbourne Property

A stitch in time saves nine. Many of our problems can be avoided if we take adequate efforts to check up and inspect in time. When it comes to the question of pest infection regular inspection by pest control Melbourne can facilitate early detection and prevent the infestation from blowing over. Our eyes and senses are average and not attuned to detecting pest presence in all areas of our homes or commercial properties as many operate silently, in hidden places. By the time we realize this, it would already have spread to a serious level.

It cannot be denied that yearly inspection for pests is an important practice that homeowners should follow. Inspection brings to light hidden pest activity and risks that can be avoided or lessened. Property owners can avail of a variety of pest inspection services-

  • End of lease inspection
  • Annual investment property inspection
  • Inspections before putting your property for sale in the market
  • Pre-purchase pest inspection
  • Annual termite inspection
  • Pre-construction termite inspection
  • Annual termite inspection and treatment


Termites can cause immense damage to the structural elements of your home. It operates silently under your nose without you whining about it. When specialists in pest control Melbourne services are called for inspection they identify and suggest possible risk areas since they have field experience and a trained eye for it.

What Can Be The Possible Areas Of Infestation?

Crawl spaces- Hidden crawl spaces that have a tendency for moisture

Wet spaces like bathroom floors, laundries, kitchens, and under sinks can attract pests owing to high moisture elements. This includes showers, pipes, or leaky faucets or taps.

Subflooring- Termites usually thrive underground. They often infest areas inaccessible or visible to us. So when floors feel soft, cave in, or seem spongy as if with dampness, it is highly likely that you have the menace of termite colony which can be any homeowner’s worst nightmare since termites are very tough to eliminate.

Freshly coated areas of pre-purchase houses or properties: Many freshly painted portions of pre-purchase properties actually could be concealing decaying wooden frameworks full of pest infestations.

Hot water systems and HVAC units: When they do not have any connection with drainage and are attached in close proximity to the house they sometimes constantly drip onto the subfloor which can lure termites owing to moisture or humid content. So infestation should be tried to be avoided totally by thorough inspection.

Pest Inspection and What It Means

Most pests are never found in small numbers. If there is one, chances are there is a colony or nest of more in the area. So never take spotting a single cockroach, ant, or rat as a small matter as they remain quietly hidden and active in large numbers behind and under furniture, cabinets, larders, garage, roof spaces, wall gaps, or attics. You cannot sit on them but they need the urgent and immediate interventions of pest control Melbourne service experts to search out their origin and exterminate them.

Yes while home cleaning and hygiene maintenance help but that too is not enough to eliminate these unwanted critters. You might also attempt a few DIY treatment methods, but that also addresses the problem at the surface level. They at the most provide some temporary relief and there is a risk to your family and home as you are attempting something you have no deeper knowledge of. In fact, you might spend more on buying products for repeated application to rid your premises of pests. This makes it all the more apparent and drives home the importance of having a professional inspection done as they help in preventing something big in time!

What Does Pest Inspection Involve?

For a pest inspection, a technical person conducts a check all around your premises for signs of pest presence and activity by seeking nets, live pets, dead bodies, droppings, grease marks, gnaw marks, etc. After this, a report is prepared on the state of your home, and its current threats of infestation Experts provide valuable tips for house care and maintenance to avoid pest occurrence.  Proper house care involves regular inspection for house repairs like gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices and taking proactive measures to keep things neat and tidy to protect them from pests.

Regular Inspection Is Mandatory Because-

Health risks:  Common house pests like ants, cockroaches, rats, and ticks can carry and transmit infections. Rats cause leptospirosis, rat bite fever, and salmonella. Lyme disease can be caused by ticks. Pests carry many pathogens and you never know when things will get serious. It is best to call in professional pest control Melbourne services and route out the source of such menace that risk your health.

Damage to property and household articles: Pests that enter your homes do so because they have discovered ample sources of food, warmth, and shelter in your homes. Rats attack and chew through wood, tin, plastic, wires, and pipes. Carpenter ants also feed on wood. Termites that are notorious and destructive, affect the structure of the foundation. They remain invisible and hidden inside walls silently causing havoc without your knowing. Moths attack fabrics and cloth while silverfish attack paper and documents.

Keep your eatables and food stock safe and healthy for consumption: Pests crawl over dirty and filthy areas and also walk all over your utensils and food. This is dangerous for commercial or service industries like cafes or food joints as pests can get in and attack your food reserves causing infection and landing the owners in a legal problem if health issues crop up. So hiring pest control Melbourne service providers is necessary for food safety. Also in a private home, the same issue can happen to put homeowners at risk through food contamination. 

Property value preservation: With early detection, pest control experts can also put into action the necessary treatment in time to help you preserve the value of your home. If you are intending putting your property on sale, it is advisable to do a pre-inspection to avoid any last-minute complications or booking cancellations arising out of complaints where you have to re-negotiate.

So inspection is extremely important as it prevents a whole lot of problems arising later and actually saves your time, money, and stress and gives you peace of mind to know pests are not posing a threat.