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Are possums wreaking havoc in your home or business? Look no further, because we are here to provide you with the most reliable and efficient same day possum removal service in Perth. We understand the frustration and inconvenience that these furry creatures can bring, and we are dedicated to helping you reclaim your space. Our team of highly skilled professionals has years of experience dealing with possum-related issues. Whether you have possums nesting in your attic, creating a mess in your garden, or causing disturbances on your property, we have the expertise to handle it all. We pride ourselves on our humane and ethical approach to possum removal, ensuring the well-being of these protected wildlife species. At Pest Masters, we prioritise your safety and satisfaction. Our trained technicians utilise industry-leading techniques and tools to effectively remove possums from your premises. When you choose our possum removal service, you can expect prompt and reliable assistance. We understand the urgency of the situation and strive to provide same-day or next-day service, minimising the time you have to spend dealing with possum-related problems. Our team is available around the clock to address your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

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A Look at Possums

Possums are a marsupial that lives in Australia. Possums eat mostly invertebrates, but will also eat small vertebrates, fruit, and flowers. They have a furry coat that helps them regulate their body temperature, as well as strong claws and teeth for digging down into tree roots to extract the food they need.

Possums can be found anywhere, even in the centre of Australia's largest cities. Possums, sometimes known as ringtail or brushtail possums, are among our most adaptive and flexible marsupials and spend a large portion of their lives above ground, many of them in residential gardens. To escape being run over by a car or attacked by a dog, they venture out at night to look for food through treetops, across rooftops, along fences, and powerlines.

Possums generally avoid people and cause us little harm, but they can become a nuisance if they eat the flowers and fruit in our gardens or, in the instance of the Brushtail Possum, if they decide to live in the attic space of our homes. Therefore, if you believe a possum is living on your roof, consider hiring a same day possum removal service, Perth.

Possum stand on wall

A Perth Rooftop With Possums Can be Irritating

Possums are by large innocuous as they present almost no health risks as these animals seldom even convey rabies. Other than that, they simply continue on ahead attempting to carry on with their lives.

As tranquil as that may sound, that may not generally be the situation all the time. Possums have a propensity for occupying tops of Perth properties. That doesn't sound really awful on the grounds that in any event, they're not overrunning in your home as rodents do. Yet, they can make a great deal of excitement around evening time once you hear the tapping commotions as they stroll on your roof and conceivably leaving homes or different sorts of squanders there.

This may not be an irksome issue from the start yet, later on, this can upset your rest and cause you aggravating temperaments in the first part of the day.

That is the reason in the event that you accept that a possum removal administration Is required in your Perth property, you can depend on our extermination organization to do the job. Pest Masters is here to help incite a careful inspection of your Perth premises and make the suitable control and treatment answers for the issues that you are confronting.

Why Are Possums Dangerous?

Perth's possum population is spreading out and breaking into more homes yearly. Possums are appearing in locations where we have never before seen them. They are currently going into our ceilings and roofs, causing us to be awake at night, and urinating and pooping everywhere. In addition, possums also enjoy eating fresh produce, so the gardens are struggling.

If you live anywhere near a possum population, you know that these furry little creatures can be a real pest. But are they dangerous? Here are the dangers posed by possums:

Property damage:

Possums are notorious for raiding gardens and food stores, and their sharp claws and teeth can do serious damage. attacks can occur anytime during the day or night, and once a possum gets entry into your property, it's hard to get rid of them.

Disease transmission:

Possums are also major carriers of deadly diseases like hantavirus and anthrax, and their droppings can easily spread these diseases to humans. Make sure you keep your property clean and free of any potential hiding places for these pests, and always use caution when interacting with them.

Loss of trees:

Possums are big eaters, and their appetite for tree bark means that they can significantly reduce the number of trees in an area - leading to reduced shade, less shelter from bad weather, and increased erosion rates in the soil. Possums are squatters and will quickly strip an area of vegetation, leaving the ground bare in an attempt to find food.

In Perth, What Attracts Possums To Your House?

Learning about the attractants that possums use to find food is an important part of prevention. Here are seven common attractants that drive the possum to your house to find their next meal:

Fruits and vegetables

Possums love to forage for fruit and vegetables, which can leave behind unused or partly eaten produce. Keep fruit trees and vegetable gardens tidy so the possum has no choice but to look elsewhere.

Animal carcasses

Leftovers from meals, such as scraps of meat, can attract possums into your yard. If you’re not comfortable with the idea of living in a dead animal’s world, make sure to remove any bones or meat before disposing of it.


Possums tend to eat a lot of nuts, especially if they’re searching for food during periods of drought or famine. If you have a feeder filled with nuts around your property, be sure to take them down regularly so the possum doesn’t become habituated to coming by them.


Possums love grains and will often eat seeds, cereals, and other items stored in warehouses or granaries near homes. Make sure any stored grain isn’t accessible to animals.


If there are sweets around, chances are you can expect to see a few possums frequenting your property; they love the taste of sugar!

Possum Removal Experts: Why You Should Hire Them

You may effortlessly and hassle-free get rid of possums by hiring professionals. Our experts arrive at the location quickly and handle the rest. To get rid of a possum from your property, our specialists employ particular approaches. These possum removal services are both inexpensive and secure. It is quite unsafe for you to remove possums from your home since they may lie on the ground and behave like dead animals. So, employ experts and exercise caution.

In terms of defending home and commercial structures from possum infiltration and attack, our professionals are very knowledgeable and experienced. All types of construction techniques and the applicable Australian construction codes that govern them are thoroughly understood by our professionals.

Several factors make expert possum removal crucial, including the following:

  • Possum excretions include bacteria that can cause humans to develop lifelong physical impairments.
  • Possums could be hostile against your pets if they enter your house.
  • Possums can spread parasites like ticks and fleas.

Since possums can hurt you and your loved ones with their sharp teeth and claws, we do not recommend that you attempt to remove them on your own. To tackle the problem securely and efficiently, contact us for same day possum removal service Perth.

Why Should You Hire Us For Possum Removal?

Reason to hire us

Finding contractors that are on time, trustworthy, kind, and who deliver a high-quality service at an affordable price is challenging for homeowners. As a result of serving tens of thousands of private possum clients over the years, we continue to discover that the majority of our new business comes through referrals and recommendations from satisfied and/or ongoing clients. We place a high emphasis on and never take for granted our clients' loyalty and happiness.

Put your worries at ease by contacting us straight away for emergency possum removal service Perth. You can find our phone number and other details about our unique services if you perform a web search for possum control near me. Stay calm. Everything will be fine once we arrive at the location; all you need to do is make one simple phone call. Listed below are some of our services' main components.

  • Cost-effective dead possum removal in Perth.
  • Perth's leading same day possum removal services,
  • Timely delivery of the best services.
  • Services for removing possums in emergency.
  • On-call appointment system that is simple and quick.

You Can Depend on Pest Masters, Our Pest Extermination Organization, to Help You in a Possum Removal Administration

Numerous customers in Perth have depended on us for their numerous pest control grievances due to our safe and harmless-to-the-ecosystem way of exterminating pests. With possums, in any case, when we catch them, we don't kill them as they are secured wildlife in Australia and cause zero health risks as long as they are not even close to us.

Whenever you have concluded that you need possum control and treatment administrations, you can basically book an arrangement and once your planned help has been affirmed, we will convey a group of pest removal experts from our pest control organization to your premises.

At the point when we show up at your location, we will initially direct an inspection to completely comprehend the issue that we are confronted with. In the wake of getting the full picture, we will continue with the suitable possum removal and treatment arrangements so this is an issue that you will not have any more.

Once we've gotten them, we guarantee that we will deliver them into the appropriate climate where they are most appropriate and where they presently don't represent any unsettling influences to any Perth properties close by.

Possum Removal: The Most Effective Method


We conduct a thorough examination and evaluation of your property and the area around it. The next step is to identify, prevent, and reinforce any weak locations that could eventually allow possums to gain access. Our reports are thorough, simply presented, and give you the information you need to choose your next course of action.

Possum removal technique

Based on the results of the inspection, we will develop a plan for possum eradication. Our staff will explain the method, the removal plan's timeline, and the anticipated results to you before beginning.

We will start carefully removing the possums once you agree on the treatment plan. Our incredibly helpful staff will erect creative cages to capture possums. If you have a dead possum, our dead animal removal Perth, specialist will inspect the area, including the interior roof, and remove it right away.

Preventive measures and follow-up inspection

Our knowledgeable staff will thoroughly search your property one more after carefully removing the possums to see if we missed any further potential hiding places. To stop possums from entering your property zone, we'll put up obstacles.

Our experts will provide you with useful advice to prevent the infestation from recurring before we depart. To keep them off your property, we might suggest netting over fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Providing Possum Removal Services to Residents in Perth

residential pest services

Our emergency possum removal service Perth, a specialist possesses extensive expertise and understanding in preventing possum entrance into an attack on residential structures. Our professionals have thorough expertise and comprehension of residential building construction, from the largest homes to the more modestly built residential properties. We will carefully evaluate the existing state of your building or structure, take care of the immediate possum issue, and provide you with the best guidance when formulating long-term possum-proofing methods for your building or structure. To best meet your unique domestic needs, we may provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

Emergency Possum Removal Services in Perth

emergency pest services

We are familiar with your property's requirements. Wild animals out of control running loose in a business or home pose a serious threat to your property’s safety. In addition to the expensive public health risk posed by possum infestations, your workers or families, plant, and pets may be significantly jeopardised.

Our focus is on establishing and upholding a possum-free environment for your home over the long term. Our top objective is to provide emergency possum removal service Perth as soon as possible, in a method that is safe for all, as compassionate and inexpensive as possible, and that ensures they can't return.

In Perth, We Remove Possums the Same Day

same day pest services

We offer same day possum removal service in Perth to our customers, and our costs are affordable. We identify, seal off, and remove all possum entrance points before removing them from your roof.

We provide same day possum removal service Perth and a management method for possums that is professional, effective, safe, efficient, and humane. We have licensed wildlife controllers and are experts at removing possums from residences, as mandated by the authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.) How did the possums get into my roof?

Ans. Possums frequently enter a space beneath the eaves of your roof, potentially near a bush or tree that rests against your house and serves as an entrance. Older homes frequently have gaps in the roof cavities large enough for possums to enter.

Q2.) How do Ultrasonic devices help deter possums?

Ans. Because possums like to sleep in the dark, installing a light in the roof cavity and leaving it on for several days and nights may deter them from coming back. Additionally, there are motion-activated ultrasonic gadgets on the market that are activated when a possum passes a sensor and may scare possums away. Some of these gadgets will also produce a high-pitched noise that is audible to humans but unwelcome to possums.

Q3.) What kinds of harm can possums do?

Ans. Aside from making noise, possums may seriously damage plasterboard, weatherboards, ceiling cavities, and even wiring if left unchecked. The scent of a dead possum on a roof will be obvious, and they can also leave urine stains and generate odours that require an emergency possum removal service, Perth.

Q4.) Can I capture a possum by myself?

Ans. Possums are protected by state law, and unless you have permission, it is against the law to trap and move them.