What Do You Do If You Find A Possum In Your Backyard?

Possums are generally viewed as a nuisance in and near gardens, particularly when they consume or step on plants. Additionally, they can raid trash bins and take food from your pets. It can be difficult to get rid of a possum. However, with little persistence, you might be able to persuade the one in your backyard to leave.

Understanding possum behaviors is the greatest method to deal with possum removal in Brisbane. They will settle in deserted burrows, tree cracks, brush piles, or spaces underneath steps, patios, and sheds, however, they prefer wooded regions or open spaces near streams.

Possum Control Brisbane

Possums are marsupials that are found throughout Australia. These animals are considered pests in some areas, as they consume large quantities of vegetation and some species can be dangerous to humans if provoked. If you find a possum in your backyard, the best thing to do is contact your local pest control agency for possum removal in Brisbane. They will be able to handle the situation and hopefully relocate the possum.

These creatures are also nocturnal, which means that they are usually only awake at night and rest throughout the day. Due to this, it could be challenging to see the invader damaging your garden. However, they typically leave behind some visible evidence of their existence, such as droppings, trails, tipped pet food bowls or trash cans, plant damage, and upturned trash cans. In addition to eating berries, nuts, insects, eggs, and small animals like lizards and rodents, the backyard is regarded as an omnivore.

How To Get Rid Of A Possum In Your Backyard?

Are possums unwelcome in your garden? There may be a better solution than waging war on this misunderstood marsupial. Here are some possum pest control Brisbane tips to get rid of a possum without harming them.

Avail yourself of wildlife removal services – Possum pest control Brisbane professionals have the training and experience to help you identify, apprehend and release opossums safely. They will also help you develop a plan for following up to ensure the opossum removal was successful.

Set a fence – To control possums, interwoven wire or electrical fencing may occasionally be erected. To discourage them from scaling over, fencing around garden sections must be at least 4 feet tall and facing away from the yard. It could also be beneficial to add barbed wire on top.

A reliable fence will keep most animals out and may provide enough of a barrier to prevent a possum from attempting to enter your home again. Make sure the fence is erected in a way that allows the possum access to food, water, shelter, and shade but does not allow people or pets inside the enclosure.

Clean trash – Possums are scavengers and will consume any readily available foodstuff. Even common household rubbish, which includes items possums will eat in the wild, can attract possums because of its stench as it decomposes.

Possums will start eating leftover organic food skins, whole pieces of food substance, meat, and oily food sources because they are all edible to them. Clean the inside of your garbage cans, only store trash that is securely fastened at the top, and use a trash can with a top that locks firmly to deter possums from loitering.

Apprehend possums by hand – If all else fails and a possum persists in entering your gardens, try holding them securely with gloves on until professional help from possum pest control Brisbane arrives. Possums are wild animals and can easily become agitated if captured improperly.

Repellents for possums – There are several products on the market that are designed to keep these wild creatures away. These, however, typically don’t provide any relief. The use of kinetic sprinkler systems, which can surprise the animals and scare them away, is another tactic for possum removal Brisbane.

Traps – Possum trapping is another often used possum control technique. The trickier part of possum removal in Brisbane is deciding how to deal with it once you get it. In most places, this necessitates relocation by a professional and authorized wildlife expert. Only in extreme cases can these creatures be killed. It is relatively simple to capture them in a box or cage-style trap. Place the traps across pathways and well-known traffic routes, baiting them with overripe bananas, cherries, or apricots.

Clear clutter – Making the environment less interesting to opossums, however, is the best kind of defence. Pruning is necessary for large trees and bushes. It is advisable to eliminate brush heaps and similar garbage. Fruit that has fallen from orchards should be kept tidy. Pet food shouldn’t be left out overnight, and the trash can lid should fit perfectly. Closing or blocking off any openings or exits under or close to the house, such as patios, decks, structures, etc, is also a smart option.

What If You Found An Injured Or Dead Possum?

If you come across a wounded possum, call the nearest possum pest control in Brisbane instead of attempting to treat it yourself. Even if you touch and poke a possum, it can be difficult to distinguish between one that is dead and one that is appearing dead; in the latter instance, you should leave it alone because it will eventually flee. Alternately, move it to a calm area with a clear exit. There is no need to be alarmed if a possum is in the backyard.


Possums are usually not a threat, and they will most likely leave on their own. If you choose to humanely remove a possum, you can relocate it with the aid of our experts from Pestico pest control Brisbane. Our specialists will adhere to legal requirements, understand how to handle the animal with care, and know where to transport them. Call us today to know more about possum removal in Brisbane.