Will Vinegar Kill Wasp Nest?

Sometimes the toughest things are solved by the simplest solutions and they happen to be available right under our noses. Yes it’s that slightly acidic ingredient we keep in our kitchens and use it for tenderizing and marinating. But most would not know it can be quite the mantra to remove wasp infestation from homes and offices. The word wasp conjures an “oh no” from most of us as we know one wasp can inflict painful stings let alone an army of them. Hiring wasp nest removal Melbourne service providers seems a safe bet where you and your home are ensured wasp free environment after the experts get to work.

Wasps are predatory and can be quite aggressive. They can disrupt your peaceful picnic in outdoors or your gardens if you unknowingly come close to their nest. So wasps are those pests we want to avoid at all costs. Vinegar, a common ingredient is surprisingly a strong and effective control measure to ward wasps off. So once you have some prior knowledge and tips on its applications, you would be confident to battle it out if ether ever arises an occasion where these uninvited dangerous devils make your property their temporary abode! In fact you can use vinegar as a trap to get them before they start to build their nest.

Knowing Differences Between Bees And Wasps

Although on surface they appear almost similar with dark and light colored stripes, bees and wasps have differences. Bees are fuzzier and this allows them to collect pollen as they do the rounds of flowers. The fur on wasp bodies are smaller and sparse and from a distance they appear sleek and smooth looking more dangerous as they swarm through the air looking ready to attack.  Bees are relatively milder and docile when it comes to stinging whereas wasps are very aggressive.

A bee stings once wasps can sting multiple times making it fatal. So having a wasp really sets the danger bells ringing if they happen to nest in your property. Before anything they need to be eradicated either trough DIY remedies or calling wasp nest removal Melbourne service professionals.

Bees feed on pollen and nectar of flowers. Wasps feed on insects, fats and even carrion. Although wasps also feed on nectar they prefer young insects. Bees do not attack but only for defense whereas wasps attack even when unprovoked making them fierce and forceful.

Vinegar -A Wonder Solution to Combat Wasps

Wasps have a sharp sense for smell that helps them to seek food and fight off predators. Vinegar has a sharp pungent odor that repels these tiny attacking elements. The vinegar drives away the wasps that stay away from the smell till the time the vinegar or fragrance lasts making vinegar a great combat solution. Also vinegar is strong enough to mask other scents that would attract them to the area. So this helps in keeping the wasps all together from the area.

Vinegar is a deterrent for wasps and other insects. The acidic content of vinegar particularly diluted white vinegar irritates wasp and insects. The acid content is acetic acid. The store bough vinegar is diluted down to 4-5% acidity. This penetrates the system of wasp and insects and affects the nervous system and dries them out. So many insects fall off when you use a spray of vinegar on them.

Using vinegar as a repellent

So you don’t need strong or powerful chemicals to fight the wasps. It can be done simply with your natural white vinegar and what more its eco friendly! Vinegar breaks easily and does not contaminate soil or water. Also be informed wasps are attracted to your yards primarily because of food smells. So now that you know, keep that bottle of vinegar handy. You can’t trust these insects. They may pop up anytime! So why wait to call in wasp nest removal Melbourne service experts when you have the knowledge with you.

Making the spray

This is not some complicated process that is time consuming or energy draining. Simply take a spray bottle and put in water and white vinegar in 50:50 ratio and spray anywhere or everywhere you think you saw wasps or whether there is potential for wasp presence. The best thing is that the smell will keep other stinging insects, bugs, flies and even those pesky ants away. You may spray directly and most will scuttle off.

Since vinegar is not your industrial chemical or pesticide the odor can fade away with time. So reapplication is needed to keep the bugs, wasps, and other insects threatened and away from your spaces and properties.

Another remedy is to use gloves and soak old cloths, t-shirts, rags or even towels or beddings in diluted white vinegar and place it in areas where they might frequent. This actually makes the vinegar last longer than spraying and keeps these pests away. Keep soaking every now and then to keep vinegar smell active.

While vinegar is indeed a wonder trick it’s also advisable to consider hiring wasp nest removal Melbourne service specialists as wasps can turn ugly and put your life at peril in severe infestation.