What Kills A Spider Instantly?

Are you petrified by the sight of spiders? Do they give you more sleepless nights than other house pests? Do you feel like reaching out to professional assistance from spider control Melbourne service experts to get rid of them once and for all?

Rest easy now and know there are many others like you who wish to avoid spiders at all costs. Here are a few methods to get rid of these crawling creeps without you having to touch them.

Kill them in water: Like many other small pests spiders can die by water not by drowning but they get crushed under the weight of large quantities of water being light weighted. This is a more useful technique outside your home as doing this inside would mess up your interiors and cause a bit of flooding making things inconvenient. You can apply this method in the shower tub or sink where spiders often are seen.

Vinegar and water spray: White vinegar is very useful in killing spiders. They contain 5% acetic acid and are excellent even on other pests and plants. Use a pure form of vinegar or mix it with water and spray it on the spider. The spider dies almost immediately.

Trap spider in glass: Trapping spider in a glass is the easiest and simplest method to control it. Once trapped you can handle it any way you want. Their movement gets restricted and they cannot topple the glass over. Now roll a paper or magazine, tilt the glass, and kill the spider. In case you are more aware of spider and their species, avoid hitting the deadlier varieties when at home as it might give you a sting. In such cases call in spider control Melbourne service specialists to kill the spider. Also remember for unusually large spiders in your home rolling and killing method will not work.

Use a vacuum cleaner: Spiders can be effectively and smoothly removed by using a vacuum cleaner that simply sucks out the spider into the bag killing it eventually.

Using sticky traps: Sticky traps are great at tackling flies and all kinds of insects. Spiders too can be caught but it’s slightly tougher as spiders are craftier in their movement and it’s a bit of work but leave a hanging sticky trap. It will attract flies. Place this near a spider nest and the spider will get attracted to flies which it feeds on and eventually gets caught in the sticky trap.

Using bug sprays: Using bug sprays may repel or kill spiders but it’s not enough to prevent others for coming in. These are chemical pesticides, so take care when using them inside your homes. A lot of bug repellant works on basis of how much you apply and what type of repellent it is.

Hit and Kill: One of the commonest methods used by many of us is simply killing it with a slipper or anything firm and hard. It works!

Use hair sprays: Hair sprays surprisingly work in killing spiders. Since they have a chemical content in them it proves toxic for spiders and kills them.

Tips That Keep Spiders Away

Make it less inviting for spiders: The first step from your end is to stop the spider entry. Light attracts all kinds of insects and also spiders. So merely switching off your external lighting can help. You may replace your regular bulbs with sodium vapor lights. Keep the perimeter of your home neat and tidy. Spiders are always seeking wood piles and stacks to make a home in.

Use pesticide that is nontoxic: When using a pesticide it’s better to use nontoxic ones as you might have pets and children. Also it’s a good practice to read the manufacturer’s instructions slowly and then apply or re-applying.

Make a homemade repellent and apply: Once you have applied a pesticide, apply a repellent that may be made at home using essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and rosemary. In a spray bottle mix 2 cups of water, 7 drops of essential oils, a drop of dish soap, and spray areas you have observed spider activity. You may spray on window frames, door gaps, etc.

Seal all gaps and openings to prevent spider entry: Seal all gaps and cracks that are potential entry points for spiders. You can also use screens as any blocking you do will help keep spiders from coming inside. Of course in case of severe infestation, consider hiring spider control Melbourne service experts.

Keeping certain home practices is also a great contributor to keeping spider activity at bay-

  • Dust and vacuum your home frequently
  • Pest control other pests and dissects that attract spiders
  • Properly dispose of trash
  • Along baseboards and near external doors place fresh chestnuts
  • Place external garbage cans away from doors and windows