Can I Treat A Wasp Nest Myself?

The warm season is all about fun, picnics and outdoors with friends, family and neighbors. But as you spend more time outside you must have also noticed an increased population of flies, bees and those dangerous looking wasps. And maybe you are one of those unlucky ones who just discovered a wasp nest in your compound and are at your wits end about how to get rid of it. Before calling wasp removal Melbourne service providers for professional extermination knowing a few things beforehand can come in handy. If you come face to face with an easy nest you would be better equipped to handle it and know how to remove it safely.

Remember wasp presence that is progressively increasing indicates a nest nearby and treating it is important to prevent it from spreading more nests. But you first need to know where they are found.

Where Are Usual Haunts Of Wasp Nests?

You can actually know where a wasp nest is located by simply following their flight path of returning wasps. Wasps usually build their nests outside like trees, sheltered spots like sheds, gardens. Inside your homes they might build it in wall cavities, roof gaps, lofts, and sometimes you might be alarmed to know they build it in quiet unfrequented rooms and wardrobes. So let’s read up on how dangerous wasps can be

Dangers from Wasps

Warm weather conditions and lack of predators makes wasps aggressive who love to live in and around human activity as they are constantly looking for water, food and have a special liking for sweet things. One of the common wasps in Australia is paper wasps. They have inverted conical nests that are often found in trees and eaves of houses. Wasps inflict multiple stings if they feel their nests are threatened.

They have a stinger and when they attack a human or pet they inject venom into the skin. While a few of us can bear this, many have severe allergic reactions that may prove fatal and would need medical intervention. So before you feel brave to handle a wasp and its nest know what you should avoid in the first place! But yes hiring wasp removal Melbourne service specialists ensures a very safe and clean removal where you just sit and watch.

What Not to Do While Attempting To Remove a Wasp Nest

There are suggestions galore about how to get rid of wasp nests that seems to be doable, but it is not recommended as wasps and removing their nest is no child’s play and could get you more in trouble than you think. So avoid a few things like-

Water sprays: Many attempt at driving and destroying wasp nest by using water. If this is indoors it actually increases your problems as flooding not only not get rids of the nest or wasps but on the contrary will make wasps more aggressive and give you stings  apart from water messing up your interiors.

Using fire: Wasp nests are made from a thin chewed wood pulp substance, making it very flammable and therefore very dangerous in or around your home. The fire will also not kill the wasps and again will only make them more aggressive.

Using physical force: This is not a good idea as many people think bumping off the nest with a cricket bat or any other bat will destroy it. This would make you come near the nest, increasing your chances of being stung and things going deadly wrong. In case nest is in a loft first use a smoke bomb to divert wasps from being near and then treat the nest.

Steps to Removing Wasp Nest

Safety gear: Before you start removing your own safety comes first. So ensure you wear thick covered clothes or overalls, boots, gloves and face veil to cut off access to any part of your skin.

Time of approaching the nest: Your approach to nest should be slowly and carefully and at a time when wasps have minimal activity. This is dusk or early morning. If you approach the nest in dark or at night and you have a torch, do not shine it directly. In case of any sudden attack pre plan an escape route.

Using spray or powder: Once you are in a position where you can spray the nest, take up your chosen product and thoroughly spray the entire nest all over. If using a wasp killer powder, puff it directly inside the nest and around the entrance. This will ensure that any wasps coming back to the nest after treatment carry the product into the nest with them killing others.

Reapply if required: After you have done applying the product on the nest, leave the area and see if treatment has been effective. If not come back again next day and re apply.

Wasp nest removal from roof: If the nest has been built at a high out of reach area, first apply a smoke bomb to make wasps leave. Then using a wasp spray, apply in the nest.

Wasp nest removal from a bush: It is best to apply spray from a distance to destroy the wasp nest. A foam based spray is effective in destroying the nests.

Wasp nest removal from a loft: Loft like high roof or walls area at a height and difficult to reach. So you can use the wasp Powder Duster available locally that allows you to apply insecticide at a height directly onto the nest due to the expandable pole solution. Smoke bombs are also very effective.

Wasp nest removal in air bricks: This is challenging to do and the best solution is to a wasp killing powder treatment to kill wasps by applying through holes in the air brick from a distance using a powder duster. Powder is more effective than spray.

Wasps are not easy pests and no matter how confident we are about treating their nests ourselves it is safest to call wasp removal Melbourne service professionals for safe and easy removal.