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At Pest Masters, we recognise that pest control can be an inconvenient yet necessary service. We are one of the leading pest control companies in Melbourne providing high-quality treatment of termites, bees, mice, rats, silverfish, rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders and more. We also offer pest protection packages to ensure your home or business stays safe from these vermin.

We have a team of highly trained professionals who can attend to your concerns through our same-day and emergency services. Our pest inspection Melbourne specialists will thoroughly check and provide a detailed report identifying any risks or issues that may be present.

About Us

Pest Masters - Your Provincial Pest Control Service Provider In Melbourne

Pest Masters is one of the finest and most affordable pest control companies that specialize in providing several pest control related services to both commercial and residential locations in Melbourne. From ant control, Wasp control, bee control, rodent control, cockroach control to termite control and many more, we provide a wide range of pest control Melbourne services, many of which help control diseases and pesky creatures from spreading. Our highly skilled team of pest control experts spare no efforts in providing the best outcomes when it comes to treating pest infestation in Melbourne. Other than complete pest treatment plans, we also provide pest spray and sanitation solutions in Melbourne. What’s more, is that we also offer Emergency and Same Day Pest Control services to both residents and business owners in Melbourne. If you are looking for immediate solutions, contact Pest Masters today and we will take care of the rest.

To book an appointment with us and schedule our affordable pest control services in Melbourne, all you have to do is give us a call and you will get a prompt response. Furthermore, you can also ask for a free quotation without any hidden charges to help you compare our price, rest assured you will get highly effective yet affordable pest control services from our end.

Why Hire Us?

There are numerous reasons why we are considered to be one of the finest and most reliable pest control service providers in Melbourne. We have comprehensive solutions for all kinds of pest related problems. We provide reliable pest management, assessment, and pest treatment services. We at Pest Masters have been at the top of our game for more than a decade. If you are looking for trustworthy, effective yet economical Pest control services for your home or workplace, you can rely on us. We assure you to provide nothing but the best of our services. We go way above and beyond to safeguard the lives of our customers from these annoying critters by providing high-quality and safe pest control services in Melbourne. Our approach to pest treatment and management is incredibly effective as well as absolutely risk-free. Continue reading further to know what makes us stand apart from the crowd:

  • Prompt response and booking are available 24/7 all 7 days a week.
  • We provide our best pest control services to commercial and residential properties in Melbourne on weekends as well as on public holidays.
  • Affordable prices- At Pest Masters, offers reasonable and dedicated pest control services in Melbourne.
  • Professionals with expertise - Our pest control experts in Melbourne are highly educated and qualified to provide 100 per cent satisfactory results.
  • We provide customised solutions to meet all your requirements.

So, no matter what kind of pest you are dealing with and where your property is, you need not have to worry about anything. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows us to quickly eradicate ferocious pests from your premises in minimal downtime.

Some Of Our Best Pest Control Services That We Offer

Pests infestation can be devastating. They can damage your property as well as expose you and others around you to serious health issues. If you are troubled with a pest infestation at your premises, you need to take quick action and get rid of the nasty critters as soon as possible. When you hire our pest control experts, you will surely get the best results. Listed below are some of the best pest control services we offer at Pest Masters:

Ant Control Melbourne - If you find signs of ant infestation in your house or commercial space, call our highly skilled ant control Melbourne professionals right away. Our professionals are capable of controlling ant infestation with great care. We make sure to eradicate all the ants from your property with a safe and quick pest treatment plan.

Beetle Control - At Pest Masters, we offer a comprehensive beetle control Melbourne service that helps you offer lasting relief from these creepy creatures. Our rigorous pest control procedure can alleviate the spread of beetle infestation to your property and as well as your plants.

Fleas Removal - If you notice a sudden increase in the number of fleas in or around your health and are worried about your health and that of your loved ones then call Pest Masters today. We provide effective flea control solutions to both homes and workplaces in Melbourne.

Rodent Control - If you are annoyed with constant screeching and scurrying noises, especially at night and want to restore your goodnight’s sleep, hire our rat control Melbourne professionals today and get instant relief from these nasty creatures.

Dead Animal Removal - Pest such as rats, mice, possums, etc, shelters in the smallest corners because of which they sometimes get stuck and end up dying, As their body starts to decompose, they start to give off a nasty and extremely awful stench. This odour can linger on your premises for a long time until and unless the carcass dries out completely or the dead animal is removed. At pest Masters, we provide reliable and same dead animal removal services in Melbourne. Call us today to get rid of the animal carcass from your property.

These are a few out of many pest control Melbourne services that we offer. We also offer

bed bug control, cockroach control, mosquito control, spider control, bird removal, cockroach, ticks removal, etc. Get in touch with us today and remove unwanted visitors from your house or workplace in the most hassle-free manner.

What Is The Need for Professional Pest Control Services?

Getting rid of pesky pests is not something that can be done at the domestic level. Pest control in Melbourne requires professional assistance and cutting-edge technology to entirely rid your place of bothersome critters. Pest control is tedious work, which without the help of trained experts is not easy to do. Furthermore, if the pest removal process is not concluded efficiently, the problem can quickly get back to square one and you may have to suffer from further damage and complications. But worry not! This is the reason why Pest Masters provide the best pest control services throughout Melbourne at affordable rates

Our highly trained Pest Control Melbourne experts offer efficacious and reasonable pest control solutions that will not only save your time but will also save you from spending a fortune on heavy repairs and medical bills. A few great reasons to hire professional pest control services in Melbourne are:

  • Professionals have access to advanced tools and technology that helps them finish the pest control work on the scheduled time.
  • Professionals have years of knowledge and expertise that makes them well-adept in dealing with almost all kinds of pes-related situations.
  • Professionals are well aware of pests and their behaviours hence, they can quickly figure out the area of infestation instantly.
  • Professionals only use safe, eco-friendly and industry-approved pest control solutions for treating pest infestation at home or workplace, making sure the chemicals do not cause any side effects to humans or pests.

Hire Finest Pest Control And Exterminators In Melbourne

Pest Master is an industry leader in providing high-quality pest inspection and control services to both residential and commercial areas in Melbourne and its neighbouring suburbs. Our highly qualified and competitive professionals leave no stone unturned in offering 24/7 pest control services at competitive prices all seven days of the week. We offer an extensive range of pest control and extermination services, including termite control, dead animal removal, rodent control, possum removal, pest fumigation, etc and many more treatments to keep these nasty critters at bay. When you hire our pest control services, we make sure to eradicate pests and disinfect the entire area to annihilate any possibility of infections, making sure your health remains uncompromised. Call Pest Masters today to book our emergency or same-day pest control services in Melbourne.

Our Pest Control Process

At Pest Masters, we use extensive pest control methods and tactics to quickly rid your place of ferocious creatures. Our pest control process includes:

Pest Inspection - The foremost thing that we do upon reaching the site is to conduct a meticulous inspection of the entire property. A thorough assessment of your place helps us analyse the intensity of the infestation and the amount of damage that has been done. According to this, we customise the pest control treatment that best suits your needs.

Pest Eradication - Based on the result of the inspection, our professionals will use state-of-the-art technology and eco-friendly chemicals to eliminate all the bugs and critters from your premises. We not only remove the infestation from the surface level but our primary aim is to find and treat the root of the infestation so that there is no room left for further problems and you enjoy lasting relief from these awful creatures.

Pest Sanitation and Fumigation - Once the root cause of the pest infestation is treated, we exhaustively fumigate your house or workplace to make sure all the mosquitoes, flies or other insects are also eliminated. Then we sanitise the entire area to kill all the microbes and pathogens.

Deodorization - If there is a dead animal on your premises, after a thorough pest removal treatment, our professionals will deodorise your property to get rid of the stale lingering odour, making sure your place smells fresh and pleasant.

Post-Inspection - After a detailed inspection, treatment and fumigation, we make sure to conduct a final assessment of your property. This last process helps us be sure that all the problems are carefully tackled and there is no room left for future infestations.

We Aim to keep Your Place Pest-Free

These pesky annoyances, no matter how small they are, are highly infectious and bothersome. They have a knack for making our lives unhealthy and our places extremely unhygienic by spreading germs and contaminating our food. They not only affect our physical health but also stress us mentally by damaging our valuable documents and precious hardwoods and by deteriorating the integrity of our property. At Pest Masters, we strive to exceed your expectations by providing highly effective and 100% satisfactory results. Our trained experts will assist you in eliminating pests from your premises and will also share some useful preventative measures that will help you in keeping these nuisances from invading your property in the first place. To know more about our pest control Melbourne services, contact us today. Our pest control specialists will utilise the latest and industry-grade tools and chemicals to get rid of pests from your place within the same day of your booking.

Quick And Effective Pest Control Service In Melbourne

When it comes to providing prompt and effective pest treatment to both business and residential properties in Melbourne, make Pest Masters your first choice. We offer one of the finest and most reliable pest control services in Melbourne at an affordable cost. We provide round the clock services all seven days a week to both residential and commercial spaces in Melbourne.

Our specialists have more than 25 years of expertise and premier skills and work ardently and meticulously to eliminate all kinds of pests from your property. We give steadfast responses to queries and useful suggestions after the pest control process so that you may evade pest incursion for a long period. To get an obligation free quote, call us right away.

Cost of Our Pest Control Services In Melbourne

We understand the value of your hard-earned money and also realise how difficult it can be for some individuals to invest in expensive pest control services. But at Pest Masters, we make sure that everyone can have access to our services. That is why all our pest control services are highly affordable. So, without further hesitation, reach out to your phone and call us right away to avail yourself of the benefits of our budget-friendly yet highly effective pest control services.

Say Goodbye To Nasty Pests And Hello To A Healthful House

With a team of skilled and professional Pest Control Melbourne specialists, we are a responsible and dedicated pest control service provider in Melbourne. When it comes to providing the best pest control services, Pest Masters is the top choice for many property owners in Melbourne. When it comes to providing incredible pest control services and affordable pest fumigation, we are the best in the market.

When you hire us to eliminate pests from your premises, you can rest assured to get instant relief, lasting results and hygienic property that has no room for unwanted visitors and infections. Contact us today if you wish to live in a healthful and pest-free environment.

Pest Control Cost Melbourne

Our pest control costs range from $300 - $700. We also offer a free quote to get an exact estimate of the services to be conducted.

Residential pest control services in Melbourne

Without a doubt, the presence of pests impedes your peace of mind, quality time, rest, and causes infections inside your house. Since it is important to remove the pests instantly, it is smart to let the professionals do the job for you!

We are providing excellent domestic pest control and protection service in Melbourne. Our certified pest elimination experts are widely known for their professionalism and competence in conducting a thorough pest eradication process for your home.

You can be confident that we can eliminate all types of pests and meet remarkable results as we are rich in years of experience and expertise in the removal of pests in domestic properties.

Commercial pest control services in Melbourne

Your office can also have a pest infestation that surely disturbs your daily work routine. Resolving this problem requires professionals that hold adequate knowledge and precautionary practice to eradicate these critters. It is better to hire qualified practitioners to get the job done and provide you with the pest-free environment that you need.

Pest Masters is an excellent provider of industrial pest extermination in Melbourne that is reasonably priced and can be acquired on the day of your booking. Whether you are running a local cafe, warehouse, restaurant, corporate office - we can efficiently kill various types of pests fully geared with operative and upgraded equipment.

24/7 emergency pest control Melbourne

Emergency pest control and extermination services are also available and we aim to get there within an hour. If you find that pests have invaded your home at any time of the day, we will be with you as soon as possible and have them exterminated for you quickly. All of our staff is well trained and experienced so you can rest assured that they will know what to do when they arrive.

With our 24/7 availability and rapid response, we are the best Melbourne pest removal company for anyone worried about being attacked by their pests during the night. We also come equipped with all of the latest equipment and knowledge that can keep your home safe from an invasion.

Pest Masters is one of the sought-after companies as we have substantial years of practice and experience in the removal of pests. Call us now and our responsive customer service attendant will address you instantly.

Prompt actions for same-day pest control service

A pest infestation must be exterminated immediately. Thankfully, Pest Masters is one of the leading and trustworthy service providers of same-day pest control in Melbourne and protection that is available on the day that you place your booking with us.

We will thoroughly conduct pest inspections, eco-friendly pesticides, and post-checkup that will secure your property pest-free instantly. You just have to confirm your booking and we will surely get to your premises in an hour.

Pest Masters can get rid of any intruders that may be lurking inside your home or business, 24/7! We will deliver our hassle-free services to you. Our team of experts are well-trained and equipped with all the latest equipment needed in delivering 100% customer satisfaction service for completely getting rid of pests.