Dead Animal Removal Service in Adelaide

Reliable Dead Animal Removal Services in Adelaide

Have you noticed a foul stench in your home or a dead animal on your property? We are a pest control business that specialises in removing dead animals from any area of your property, including the walls, attic, basement, yard, and walls. Obviously, you don't want a dead animal inside your home. In addition to the potential diseases that decomposing flesh can spread, carcasses emit unpleasant odours and attract insects. We at Pest Masters always use 100 percent safe and reliable methods to remove dead animals, and we make sure to clean your property thoroughly and get rid of any odours. Call us at any moment to set up an appointment to remove dead animals from your home or property! We will be ready to offer same day dead animal removal service in Adelaide.

Problems You May Encounter If You Have a Dead Animal Uncovered in Your Property

Definitely, a dead animal is the last thing you want to encounter whether you are in your house or in your workplace in Adelaide. They are one of the exhaustive and hazardous problems to deal with especially when you lack the proper expertise to take this matter into your hands.

Daring yourself to manage the removal of the dead animal is like putting yourself through a toll of problems that is unmanageable alone.

One of the apparent risks you are exposed to is the foul smell that accompanies the dead animal. The decomposition process includes setting off the reek of death from the corpse because the tissue is gradually dying. The smell is very difficult to eradicate as much as you use various top-notch sprays because the dead animal needs to be located and removed first to eradicate the smell completely.

Next issue that you may experience are pest infestations. A dead animal can easily call the attention of pests making it even more handful to manage. Pests such as flies, ants, and maggots may come into appearance.

With the combination of two problems above, of course, the odds are high that you may experience a health hazard. This is because the smell can penetrate in your respiratory system making it compromised and weakened. While the pests bring microbacteria and aggravation as they can likewise assault you.

Why Should You Hire Our Experts to Remove the Dead Animal in Your Property?

It is essential to have experts to be the one to facilitate inspections, eradication, and treatment for the dead animal instantly. You are guided and safe with the aid of experts like us because we can inspect and determine which comprehensive method is suitable to employ before jumping right into the removal process.

Adelaide's Pest Masters team of technicians pay great attention to detail and are even trained to utilise cutting-edge equipment to guarantee 100% extermination of the dead animal safely. On the day of your booking, you can even expect us to arrive punctually to remove the dead animal thoroughly.

You are even safe from side-effects because we will only apply organically tested and proven safe treatments. We are open 24 hours a day to deliver effective inspection and eradication methods for the dead animal you may have in your residence or workplace.

What Are the Dangers of Dead Animals?

Any homeowner would prefer not to discover a dead animal inside their residence. The best and fastest approach to deal with dead animal disposal is with the assistance of professional dead animal removal Adelaide services, which will help with a comprehensive cleaning and removal process. Here are some risks associated with having a dead animal on your property.

Bad smell

Each day that the evacuation of the dead animal is postponed, the smell will worsen, just like it would with any decomposing carcass. It's unpleasant to deal with the foul smell that is left behind as organisms decompose the body. You need to get rid of the corpse with our same day dead animal removal service Adelaide because the odour may make any living condition intolerable, giving you headaches and making you feel generally uncomfortable.

Serious health issues

Everyone is at risk of catching hazardous infections if the urgency of dead animal clean-up is not well understood. Undisposed decaying bodies serve as a breeding ground for flies, who exacerbate the issue by giving birth to maggots that swiftly spread throughout the house.

Animals in the wild are already known to carry a variety of diseases, some of which are airborne. Dead animals carry a significant risk of infectious diseases and bacteria that can harm your health and the air you breathe. Avoid putting your family or yourself in danger by leaving it to the experts.


The majority of animals with fur are flea-infested. The fleas must find a new host after the animal dies. Your carpet, clothing, or pet are all prime targets. Additionally, if given enough time, your home will have an ant or fly infestation.

Issues with hygiene

Animal corpses become a meal for worms and maggots when left unattended for a sufficient amount of time. They leave extremely difficult-to-clean stains on carpets and flooring in addition to being unhygienic.

Dead Animal Removal services in Adelaide

Dead mice removal Adelaide

For your dead mice removal in Adelaide, you can rely on Alpha Pest Control services to assist. The removal of dead mice is unpleasant and its foul smell is unbearable. Call us to get rid of dead mice.

Removal of a dead cat

We have a team of dedicated professionals who are trained in the removal and disposal of cats. Please call us right away if you find yourself with an unwanted feline on your property or inside your home, as it can be quite hazardous to deal with the smell alone.

Dead rodent removal Adelaide

Dead rodents have a much greater impact on health than when they were alive. Removing dead mice or rat droppings quickly and thoroughly is the best approach for your family's safety.

Dead possum removal Adelaide

We will create a tailored possum removal service for the property. The plan includes removing the animals, timeline of the procedure, with options available to you during initial consultation through phone or a live chat on our website.

Dead rats removal Adelaide

Rats that are dead can pose a number of health risks and should be removed as quickly as possible. We can help you eliminate this problem!

Removal of a dead dog

You can count on us to quickly take away a dead dog if it has passed on your premises. The service we offer is affordable and available round the clock to help you.

Dead bird removal

Don't wait if you find a dead bird around your property. Call us right away and our complete dead animal removal in Adelaide will get rid of that carcass before it gets worse than just gross and smelly.

Dead pets removal

The family pet that you have loved for years may be gone. It is hard to say goodbye, but we will help clean up the area and take away their body so they can rest in peace.

To book our dead animal control services, do not hesitate to call our professional exterminators today!

Why Should You Book Professional Dead Animal Removal Expert?

Even though dead animals appear harmless, it's still preferable for them to die in the forest than in your attics. They are the transmitters of viruses that can endanger human life. Additionally, once dead, they leave behind a strong smell, and even after passing away, they can still transmit disease. For all these reasons and more, it becomes essential to hire a professional dead animal removal specialist. Read on to know why.

  • Professional dead animal removal experts have the training, know-how, and practical expertise necessary to humanely remove dead animals from the area. They offer removal services in addition to building damage restoration, and clean-up of the infested are
  • Several ecto-parasites that cause life-threatening illnesses in people are carried by dead rodents and other animals. Experts in dead animal removal can locate them and assist in eliminating any potential diseases.
  • The dead animal removal specialist employs specialised tools created to help with carcass removal.
  • The methods used by a dead animal removal specialist ensure that the carcass is removed from the property and the area is sanitised to ensure complete decontamination.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Us To Remove Dead Animals?

In residential and commercial buildings, pests can enter even the smallest, most uncomfortable cracks and crevices, frequently constructing nests and, ultimately, difficult-to-find death chambers. Our expert professionals, who receive ongoing training in the best dead animal removal techniques, cannot only find the body but also remove it, sanitise the area, get rid of any lingering scents, and completely restore contaminated areas to guarantee that no biological threats are left. The reasons we are popular in Adelaide.

  • We understand how difficult and upsetting it can be to deal with a dead animal, and we'll do everything we can to make the process as easy for you as possible.
  • We're here to help you in your time of need with our emergency dead animal removal service Adelaide.
  • No job is too big or small for us, we'll handle it quickly and efficiently.
  • We're experienced, we've been removing dead animals for over many years now, so we know exactly what to do.
  • We'll remove the animal quickly and without making a fuss.
  • We're affordable. Our prices are very competitive, and we offer discounts for multiple animals.
  • We fix and completely restore any damage we do so that you wouldn't have known we were there, such as when we cut through drywall to remove corpses left behind.

The Most Effective Method for Removing Dead Animals

We recognize that having to cope with a dead animal might be upsetting. We have therefore made every effort to make the removal process as quick and easy as possible. From beginning to end, we'll handle everything, so you can relax knowing the task will be done correctly. Read on to know our dead animal removal procedure.


We can sniff it out for you if you're unsure whether the unpleasant smell in your home is coming from a dead animal or anything else. We can immediately identify the source of the odour thanks to our years of knowledge. To locate the dead animal, our dead animal removal Adelaide specialists employ specialised cameras that can flex and reach. Once it has been identified, the dead animal may be safely removed with the minimum amount of harm to the house and the need for repairs.

Decontamination and deodorisation

In Adelaide, no one removes deceased animals better than we do. As soon as the dead animal has been removed, the space will be thoroughly cleaned and deodorised so that the stench of the carcass is no longer hazardous or offensive. A thorough and legal clean-up procedure is necessary to rid your property of corpses. Strong, sterile treatments are used by our experts to kill bacteria and germs. They clean, sanitize, and deodorise each room in your house to make sure it is once again safe. Our dead animal removal Adelaide experts are equipped with the tools and solutions to do this. They will remove the dead animal and make sure your home is smell-free, nesting material-free, and faeces-free.

Dead animal disposal

Once the dead animal has been removed from your house or yard, we will properly and legally dispose of it by incineration or another method. We'll be glad to take dead animals out of your house or place of business. Additionally, we can demonstrate to you how the animal entered your property and carry out preventative measures so that you never experience a similar scenario again.

We Provide Same-Day and Emergency Dead Animal Removal Services In Adelaide

We don't just remove deceased animals from your property; we also have the equipment and expertise to assist you in doing so. We offer a service that is friendly, safe, and humane, as well as one that is effective and efficient. We offer emergency dead animal removal service in Adelaide for both commercial and residential sites, and we have many years of experience to back us up. We also use the most recent and cutting-edge tools and equipment for wildlife control.

We answer the phone around-the-clock, so call us if you need a same-day appointment or just some sound advice. Wherever we can, we will listen and guide. You'll discover that we provide incredibly affordable prices without sacrificing quality. We were chosen as the top pest control business in the region. Our clients cite our friendliness and availability for same-day emergency help. We are aware of its significance. For same day dead animal removal service Adelaide, call us right away.

Dead Animal Removal Services for Commercial Properties

Any deceased animals at your industrial site can be safely removed by our expertise. Please be mindful of the potential disease risk before attempting this on your own. It is not advisable to leave dead animals close to your place of business. Unfortunately, a lot of industrial property owners contact us for same day dead animal removal service Adelaide, because of a bad stench emanating from inside their walls or attic.

Finding a dead animal on your industrial site might be difficult, and specialised tools might be needed. Repairs to the drywall as well as cleaning may be necessary to remove dead animals that are hidden or down between walls. In this situation, our personnel will be able to remove the dead animal, clean the area, and in most situations, make repairs to the entrance point.

Remove any deceased animals from your place of business right away. Dead animals should only be handled by qualified personnel since they can spread diseases and parasites. If you locate a dead animal, please contact our team of professional dead animal disposal specialists right away.

Residential Dead Animal Removal Services in Adelaide

The majority of us must accept the fact that we will likely live beside wildlife, but this does not require us to let them inside our homes. There is also a considerable likelihood that a wild animal will pass away on our property once it comes onto it. For homeowners, a dead animal can cause a number of issues. The animal will frequently be found dead in locations like our ceilings, the spaces between our walls, the attic, and unreachable spots. For individuals who lack expertise and information in dead animal removal Adelaide, getting them out could be difficult. No matter where the corpse is, we have a complete set of equipment to guarantee that it will be removed.

Additionally, we may discreetly and legally dispose of them. For residential dead animal removal, we have state-issued authorization and certification. Our residential dead animal removal Adelaide specialists are qualified to provide cleaning and decontamination services.  Prior to being assigned to a project, our team of specialists underwent hours of training. Regular upskilling is a part of their ongoing learning projects. We can promise that we'll take all precautions to prevent contamination and the spread of disease. They will complete their work quickly and effectively; you can count on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.) Is my backyard a safe place to bury a dead animal?

Regarding the burying of deceased animals, different nations have varied rules. It is best to check with your local emergency dead animal removal service Adelaide.

Q2.) Can dead animals be removed by pest control?

Dead animals are taken out of homes by pest control. However, it is advisable to consult a professional if you have a dead animal as well as a pest issue. Our dead animal removals Adelaide specialist may assist you in getting rid of the pests and can also dispose of the deceased animal for you.

Q3.) Does your business operate on weekends?

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. In order to accommodate clients' convenience, our personnel are prepared to work. So, feel free to schedule an appointment and use our same day dead animal removal service Adelaide over the weekend.

Q4.) Do you offer the removal of deceased animals from industrial settings?

Yes, we provide services for both residential and industrial sites, and we make sure that our staff members are competent in what they do. Call us right away!