Mice Control in Adelaide

Every homeowner frequently deals with a mouse infestation. Wherever these rodents are discovered, they cause severe property damage. Mice control Adelaide is crucial to avoid a full-blown mice infestation. Call Pest Masters for a reliable and efficient solution to your mouse problem. We will completely resolve the issue in your home or place of business because we are Adelaide's top mice removal and prevention business. We guarantee it when the nationally trained mice specialists at Pest Masters rodent-proof your home or place of business. Our licenced, qualified personnel will inspect your property to find the points where mice are getting into your house or place of business. In addition to trapping mice and other rodents, we can also assure their permanent return by offering exclusion services. Call us today for the best mice removal service in Adelaide.

Affordable Mice Control Service in Adelaide

It's essential to get rid of rats and mice as soon as possible if they are invading your Adelaide house or place of business. Mice damage buildings by chewing on wires, plumbing, wood, and other building components, leaving behind urine and faeces that can be harmful to human health.

Diseases that can infect people are carried by mice and other rodents. By resolving your mice issue in Adelaide, Pest Masters can stop this from happening again, helping you save money and safeguarding your health. We offer affordable and best mice control service Adelaide that suits your budget requirements. Call us right away if you are looking for emergency mice removal service Adelaide.

Different Types of Mice and Their Characteristics

Small rodents known as mice are not native to Australia. Although mice are typically nocturnal creatures, they can become active during the day if food is scarce. Mice eat a variety of cereals, fruits, and vegetables. Following are the different species of mice found across Australia.

House mice

House mice have an endless supply of offspring. Males mature 60 days after birth, while females do so 35 days after birth. Mice have a short lifespan and can have numerous litters. Four to eight young can be born per litter during a twenty-day gestation. Its vision is poor, but its senses of smell, taste, and hearing are all highly developed. They can swim and climb very well.

Deer mice

Deer mice are little rodents that range in size from 2.5 to 4 inches. They have white bellies, legs, and feet and grey fur on top of their bodies. Deer mice have the potential to nest inside your home and do significant harm if they manage to get inside. While gathering materials to make a nest, they may destroy upholstered furniture, mattresses, and clothing.

White-footed mouse

The White-footed mouse and the deer mouse are quite similar, although the former has less fluffy and luxurious hair and has a reddish or orange back and flanks rather than the more typical greyish or brown of the deer mouse. Almost all areas with shrubs or trees are inhabited by this species. They build their nests in dry places, usually next to old stone structures and downed trees.

Symptoms of Mice Infestation

Even if you haven't personally observed a mouse, there are other warning indicators you should watch out for that can alert you to the presence of these animals on your property. The most typical indications that your home has a mice infestation are:

  • Mice faeces all over your house
  • Unpleasant odours, such as a musty or urine-like odour
  • Holes gnawed into furniture, plastic, and wood
  • Noises of scampering and scratching
  • Unusual pet behaviour
  • Walls and baseboards with grease stains

Even if you haven't seen a rodent but are seeing any of these warning signals about your house, it may still be in your best interest to call our mice control Adelaide specialist so we can come to take a look.

The Danger Of A Mice Infestation in Your Adelaide Homes Or Offices

The possibility of a mice infestation happening before you when an early on inspection has not been made is a guaranteed health risk that ought not to go on without serious consequences. With their chewing habits, they are known for damaging home and office furniture, for example, cupboards and work desks.

Due to their nature, mice and rodents can make a gigantic wreck that you would then have to clean after. If not, they will most likely utilize these chewed pieces as materials for their home - just provoking them to duplicate and cause more damage later on. Surely, this should be enough reason for residents to seek extermination and treatment services to address the issue.

Other than the wreck that they bring, these pests are unsanitary as they have walked around every space imaginable - from roads to sewers. So the primary concern of plenty of inhabitants in Adelaide is to have these vermin circulating where they shouldn't be - the pantry and various spots where food is stored. Their droppings and bacteria may pollute the food that you are eating and causes diseases for you and your family.

How our professionals in Adelaide can resolve your mice concern

Our mice removal professionals are altogether complemented in the pest extermination industry for our service of clearing out these pests with the utilization of compelling, eco-safe, and effective pest control treatments and equipment at a sensible cost.

We ensure that all the gear we use during the pest control treatments will be safe for everybody in the property. With our long lengths of involvement in the pest extermination business, it is no huge shock why we are trusted and relied upon in the work that we do.

Simply book a meeting with us and we guarantee you that our team of extermination professionals in Adelaide will be in your property in an hour to instigate an inspection to fully understand the problem. After so, our delegated team will proceed with the mice removal protocol to fully eradicate the problem.

Infectious Diseases Carried By Mice

House mice, sadly, are a prevalent issue in both homes and all kinds of companies. Additionally, mice can spread illnesses and parasites to humans and domestic animals.

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)

One of the most dangerous, if not the deadliest, rodent-borne illnesses in Australia is the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS). Within weeks of exposure, it can cause kidney failure, serious respiratory disease, and even death. In addition to the pneumonia-like symptoms, there may also be fever, muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)

It is a viral illness that can sometimes produce meningitis and manifests as flu-like symptoms. Humans can contract this illness by coming into touch with rodent urine and waste. Although LCM seldom results in death, it can cause significant neurological issues.


A bacterial ailment is known as leptospirosis is brought on by bacteria belonging to the genus Leptospira. This pathogen is disseminated by contaminated fluids like rodent urine. Fever, headache, muscle aches, and vomiting are common leptospirosis symptoms, as well as more severe side effects like kidney damage, meningitis, or liver failure.

What Attracts Mice To Your Adelaide House?

Once you know what lures mice into your home, you can plan and create a new mice control Adelaide strategy to get rid of them and be able to stop them from coming again.

  • Homes provide warmth and shelter, which is no secret. This is one of the main factors luring mice into your house.
  • Mice will go to any lengths to discover unsecured food in your home, such as pet food bags, plant material, or even bird seed.
  • Mice prefer food that is heavy in protein or fat. Additionally, the smell of food, particularly sweet or sugary food, attracts these pests.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Mice Experts

Experts in mice control Adelaide are quite knowledgeable and well-versed in the lives and habits of mice. They are aware of each other's mating cycles, food patterns, and even social actions. This implies that nothing takes the specialists off guard. They are aware of the mice's whereabouts when to look for them, and how to get rid of them at any stage of development. Because they are aware of the potential mouse paths, experts can track their movements throughout the premises and within other buildings. This enables them to set traps efficiently and complete the task as quickly as feasible. Mice are thought to spread more than thirty different diseases. It can be fatal to handle these animals without the necessary expertise of the best mice removal service Adelaide. To prevent catching any diseases, the specialist knows how to handle them. The professionals are trained with the best techniques for handling mice.  They adhere to all required processes to get rid of mice and implement suitable preventive measures.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Us For Mice Removal?

The following are the top advantages of hiring our mice control Adelaide expert for your home.

  • Throughout the entire process, our experts will put your safety first. They are knowledgeable about safety precautions and have the skills needed to handle machinery and chemicals properly.
  • They will be able to make sure that your house is protected and mice-free for a considerable amount of time.
  • Our licenced mice control Adelaide experts are knowledgeable in the most recent methods for dealing with infestations.
  • Depending on the nature of the issue and the size of your property, our professional can develop a special strategy for the best mice control service Adelaide.
  • They won't just provide quick remedies; they'll also offer advice on how to avoid mice infestations in the future.

The Procedure We Use To Remove Mice

We aim to provide the best mice control service Adelaide. Our pros customise the mice removal strategy according to the level of infestation.


When dealing with a mice issue here in Adelaide, we evaluate the scenario, ask questions to make sure we fully comprehend your unique circumstance and undertake inspections of the attic, crawl space, or basement. A damage study of the infected region and an assessment of the access points to determine what kind of mice is entering, where they are entering, and how many are present.


Our mice control Adelaide skilled trappers will block up any openings in your home where mice could enter and cause damage, including the attic, crawlspace, foundation, plumbing, and electrical systems.  We can begin the exclusion process when our experts have completed the necessary steps to eliminate the mouse infestation issue and remove them from your house. By filling in the exposed holes and crevices that rodents can use to enter your home, the mice exclusion technique permanently keeps the pests away.

Post inspection

The mice clean-up procedure entails clearing out any debris, damaged insulation, rodent-contaminated items, and mouse faeces. Our skilled sanitation technicians will completely sanitise and deodorise the affected areas once the damaged, contaminated, and animal waste has been removed.

Same-Day Service for Mice Removal in Adelaide

We take a comprehensive approach to the situation and employ a variety of kind and efficient ways. We're not just concerned with removing the mice from your house or place of business; we're also concerned with keeping them out, which goes beyond setting up a few traps here and there. You can have peace of mind and a hassle-free experience by hiring our specialists on the same day of booking your appointment. Our mice control Adelaide experts go above and beyond to make sure you're satisfied. Contact us now for same day mice removal service in Adelaide.

Getting Rid Of Domestic Mice in Adelaide

People need mice to control themselves to safeguard themselves from the numerous risks that these animals bring into their Adelaide homes. Mice spread bacteria as well as mites and fleas, and their droppings can be dangerous to your family's health. You are allowing these pests to multiply and invite additional unwelcome guests if you don't use the right removal techniques to get rid of them. Therefore, if you discover an infestation, Pest Masters mice control Adelaide should be your first call. With Pest Master's best mice removal service Adelaide, you can feel secure knowing that your family is being protected.

Emergency Mice Removal Service in Adelaide

There is a risk of contracting numerous contagious diseases when you have mice infestation. Mice will urinate and defecate on human food, contaminating it. Mice multiply in enormous numbers and extremely quickly. To stop widespread infestations, mouse eradication needs to be done as soon as the issue is discovered. Our emergency mice removal service Adelaide is designed to tackle the problem on priority. Extensive long-term control measures must be put in place if the infestation has already started to get rid of the bothersome issue.

Getting Rid Of Mice Adelaide Commercially

Mice can seriously harm commercial properties. Their parasites, such as ticks and fleas, seriously endanger the employees and customers in your organisation. They can also chew through a wide variety of materials, including plasterboard, paper products, insulation, electrical wiring, and more. They can make nests in a variety of areas in an office as they look for warm spots, including cabinets, rooftops, sofa cushions, and furnishings fabric. Any animals, including people, pets, and livestock, that come into contact with their droppings may develop respiratory issues. Our certified mice control Adelaide inspectors will check your commercial property for indications of mice activity and potential entranceways before developing a plan to deal with the issue.

Prevention Tips to Avoid a Mice Infestation

Since most mice are superb climbers, mice prevention will require plugging up all gaps, fractures, and holes along the roofline and around the home's foundation.

  • Your mice and pest issues will be permanently solved if you caulk and wire off the entry points.
  • Block the access to crawl spaces and attics, they will use certain areas under the corners of the foundation as entry points.
  • The mice control Adelaide also involves changing the habitat. Remove food sources, such as pet food left out and leftover human food, to start habitat remodelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 How do I receive quick same day service?

We have a simple process for same day mice removal service Adelaide. You can either call Pest Masters or make an online appointment to schedule a free inspection.

Q 2 Which risks do mice present?

Mice can be deadly, especially near or inside your home, like many bug pests. Mice have the potential to contaminate food, spread disease, and gnaw through wiring, starting a house fire. The effects are increased if these animals build nests in your attic, garage, or crawl areas.

Q 3 Why can't I just buy some traps and take care of the issue myself?

To deal with rodents and mice, you could set traps all over your house. The chore of getting rid of any creatures you catch, however, can be unpleasant for many households. The knowledgeable, professional, and qualified technicians at Pest Masters have a complete awareness of the habits, behaviour, and hiding places of pests. To ensure that these pests are permanently exterminated, we can put into place a strategy unique to your home.

Q 4 What safety measures must be performed when setting the mousetrap?

The only and most important safety measure is to put the trap such that it is hidden out of reach of pets and kids, preventing it from activating when it is close to young children.

Q 5 How do mice get inside houses?

Mice frequently gain access to homes through foundational and masonry fractures and gaps. Ventilation systems, pipes and wires that run outside cracks in doorways and windows, and even water lines are additional entry points for mice. Mice enter our homes in search of food, water, and refuge. The remarkable thing is that mice can fit through spaces that are as narrow as the width of a pen. The key to mice control is sealing these points of entrance.

Q 6 Are there any natural remedies for getting rid of mice?

Natural mouse repellents are typically prepared at home using organic products and substances. When opposed to certain chemical items, they are typically non-toxic, simple to create, and safe to use. This makes it the most common choice for mice control. Although the effectiveness of natural mouse repellents over the long term has not been conclusively demonstrated, they are simple methods that may or may not work. Natural repellents like peppermint oil, pepper, bay leaves, onion, and cloves have unpleasant aromas that mice detest.