Mice Control in Melbourne

The most widespread of all rodents, house mice can be found almost anywhere, including residences, open fields, agricultural land, and other locations. Since they feed on and contaminate numerous human food sources, they are good at spreading a variety of diseases in addition to being efficient food hunters. The easiest method to reduce the risks connected to having them in your home is to get rid of them effectively. You may achieve this using our tried-and-true mouse control techniques.

Despite how annoying mice might be, we provide easy-to-use methods for getting rid of infestations. We are delighted to offer mouse control services that, like our other pest control solutions, are committed to your and the environment's safety because they dwell inside walls, basements, and attics.

Contact us right away for best mice control service Melbourne to eliminate any mice or rats that may be present in your home.

Affordable Mice removal services in Melbourne

You are aware that having rodents in your home can cause a great deal of trouble. In addition to being unattractive and disgusting, rodents can also be harmful. Our best mice control service Melbourne is the solution to your rodent trouble. The rodents will be eliminated by our team of professionals, who will also make sure they don't return. To provide you peace of mind that your house is mice-free, we also provide a warranty with our budget friendly mice control services. Also, we provide thorough mouse removal services that can permanently solve your rodent problem at an affordable price.

Mice: What Should You Know?

A mouse is a little rodent that has a long, frequently hairless tail, a spherical, hairy body, big ears, and a pointed nose. There are many different species of mouse, which are categorised into subfamilies. Deer mice, house mice, field mice, and wood mice are typical kinds.

This rodent is frequently found inside homes, particularly in the winter. Undoubtedly, this tiny mammal looks for a warm, comfortable location to spend the winter, forage, and reproduce. Mice come in a huge range of shades and dimensions. White, brown, and grey are some typical mouse hues. Some of them are little, while others are about the size of a tennis ball.

They can easily survive in meadows, woodlands, and built environments. If they live in the wild, mice often dig a tunnel underground. They are more predator-resistant thanks to their burrow. Mice's bodies and cognition function quite similarly to those of humans. The physical and mental makeup of mice is very similar to that of humans. Because of this, research facilities utilise mice as test subjects for drugs and other substances that might be applied to people.

Mice: Types and Characteristics

There are numerous types of mice around the globe. We'll concentrate on the types of mice that are most prevalent in Melbourne.

Field mouse

Field mice have a multicoloured coat, with white fur on the stomach and yellow fur on the flanks and chest stripe. Because of their tiny stature, they may readily squeeze through narrow crevices. In the wild, field mice typically live longer. Given its size, a field mouse's ears will be significantly closer to its head. To match their underbelly, field mice will also have white or light tan feet.

House mouse

The house mouse is the most prevalent breed of mouse in Melbourne. Their colours range from white to grey and from light brown to black. These creatures have the keen hearing ability, and they use squeaking to communicate with other mice. Some of their squeaks are audible to people and can reach ultrasonic frequencies. The house mouse is renowned for its speedy reproduction. Up to 8 litters might be born annually from a single female house mouse.

Mice Infestation Signs

How can you be certain that you don't have mice in your home? Call Pest Masters' best mice control service Melbourne as soon as you see evidence of rodents if you think you have mice in your Melbourne home.

  • You might see nesting materials or faeces. Droppings in the cracks and nooks of your home are not only disgusting, but they are also unhygienic.
  • In the pantry, you could see chew marks on some bags. In addition to gnawing through wiring and construction materials, mice are also known to trigger house fires or structural damage.
  • At night, you could hear them scurrying or scratching.
  • You will be certain whether a mouse died behind a wall, by the terrible odour.

Prevent your house from mouse damage and take care of your rodent problem immediately. Get a free quote from us right away.

What Are The Dangers Of Mice?

If only they were as innocent and cute as they appear to be. Yet, in reality, they are not. They are smart little creatures with acute senses of smell for locating food and a similarly excellent hearing sense for hiding from predators and being discovered. They are also quite adept in contaminating anything that comes into contact with them, whether it be your food, the droppings they leave around your home, or anything else.

House mice, sadly, are a prevalent issue in both homes and all kinds of companies. Most people can remember at least one moment when they were irritated by mice. Both the wealthy and the poor find them annoying. The biggest financial risks posed by house mice are the constant demands they place on supplies of food and fibre, as well as the harm they do to people's property. House mice can potentially spread diseases and parasites to people and domestic animals. With our best mice control service Melbourne, we can fix the damage the animal caused to your home or structure once we remove the annoying animal.

Diseases Carried By Mice

The last thing you want is mice and other vermin taking over your house. They have the ability to gnaw through your fences, leave faeces, and seize your food source. They are not only a bothersome nuisance, but they may also spread a number of diseases that could harm you and your family. Humans can contract these diseases by handling living or dead rodents, coming into touch with rodent faeces, urine, or saliva, or by being bitten by rats.

So, let's look at the typical diseases that mice can spread.

Hantavirus -

It spreads by inhaling contaminated excreta from recently dumped rat waste or urine. Hantavirus pulmonary Syndrome is a condition that resembles influenza and is one of the most prevalent diseases spread by rats.

Salmonellosis -

This ailment usually makes people feel sick to their stomachs in humans. Contact with mouse faeces or urine in food is the most common ways to contract this disease.

Leptospirosis -

It is a bacterial disease that exhibits in two phases and has a variety of symptoms that take a few weeks to appear. Other folks can even have no symptoms at all. The nose, mouth, and eye mucous membranes are also where this disease is spread by skin abrasions. Exposure to tainted water from infected animals is the most frequent way to contract the disease.


This illness has a range of potential effects, from fever and headaches to brain injury. LCM is particularly concerning for expectant women whose foetus may experience birth abnormalities or maybe pass away.

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In Melbourne, What Attracts Mice To Your House?

Mice, like the majority of animals, rely on instinct and environmental factors to thrive. Their instincts tell them to look for necessities like food, shelter, warmth, water, and safety to survive. Most houses across the nation offer a conducive environment for them to survive. Let's examine particularly what draws mice to your home.

  • Security against other predators, they can only find long-term protection and shelter within a house or other structure.
  • Access to water is simple. Homes are an excellent supply of water, whether it comes from a leaking pipe or water puddles near your sink.
  • Even when they live outside, mice are scavengers by nature and need food to thrive.
  • They typically enter through a gap in a door, wall, or foundation.
  • They chose your home as a place to live rather than other buildings because they can smell food, rubbish, and other things in it from a wide distance.

While DIY methods of mice control may seem like a lucrative option, it is advisable to hire the best mice removal service in Melbourne to eliminate them completely.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Mice Control Experts

Although mouse traps appear to be a quick and simple way to get rid of a mouse, they are not very successful in dealing with a mouse infestation. This is particularly important because mice can allow other pests that are damaging to your property to spread. This makes it ideal to hire the best mice removal service Melbourne as soon as you can.

The best way to handle a mice infestation in Melbourne is to approach the issue systemically. There probably are other mice hiding about your house even if you just observe one putting its nose through a seam. When dealing with a mouse infestation, engaging a professional pest control specialist is more effective than using poison, setting traps, and other do-it-yourself techniques. Make sure your mice eradication process is performed effectively and fully by calling our mouse control specialists at Pest Masters.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Us For Mice Removal?

Our professionals at Pest Masters are qualified to deal with any present mouse infestation and put preventative measures into place. Our specialists may assist safeguard your property with a plan tailored to your particular needs using a specialised approach to mice control.

  • You may count on Pest Masters to complete the task using the most up-to-date methods and expertise!
  • With over 15,000 delighted customers. You can depend on Pest Masters to deliver the best mice control service Melbourne.
  • All of our customers receive the necessary devoted attention to handle their mice issues because we put them first.
  • At Pest Masters, we employ non-toxic, eco-friendly mice management techniques.
  • We offer best mice removal service Melbourne for controlling mice and rodents in homes and businesses.
  • Get specialised project evaluations, cost projections, material prices, and professional quotes.

We specialise in same day mice removal service Melbourne. If you have mice issues and would like to obtain our free quote, please phone us or fill out our quick and easy online quote form.

How our mice treatment company in Melbourne can control your mice problem

Our group of mice extermination specialists in Australia are indeed praised for our mice control and removal services at such a fairly priced rate using reliable and eco-safe treatments.

We ensure that everyone on the property will not have any health risks as we commence the mice control services in the vicinity. It's not a big shock that with our many years of experience in the industry why we are trusted and relied on our mice removal specialisation.

All you have to do is book an appointment with us and we'll ensure that our staff will be on your site in one hour. After that, we will begin a full inspection of the Melbourne property to get an in-depth idea of how severe the situation is currently. Once the inspection procedure is complete, we will then proceed with our treatment plans to solve the problem.

Domestic Mice Control in Melbourne

Our expertise is in the control of animals, especially mice, and rats. We always complete the task thoroughly by making sure that all home entry points are repaired or sealed to stop further invasions from our neighbours. We eliminate all rodents gently and safely.  Our licenced and experienced exterminators also specialise in creating unique mice management programmes for our domestic clients. We provide government-approved techniques for controlling rodents and mice that are safe for your family and the environment

More than just mouse catchers, our techs are experts! They possess the structural knowledge and practical abilities to offer long-lasting fixes for the majority of structural issues that can be luring mice inside. In the majority of cases, when we first visit your property, we'll have your home or place of business fully secured against mice.

Our Mice Removal Procedure

Homeowners should get in touch with experts as soon as an infestation starts. The staff at Pest Masters can safely remove mice by following top-notch procedures and helping to prevent future problems.


Our skilled and licenced exterminators will determine what kind of rodent you have and suggest the best course of action. To stop the rodents from coming back, this may involve a combination of bait stations, traps, and exclusion techniques.


We integrate certified items with tamper-resistant bait stations. After eliminating any existing rats, mice, or voles, our team quickly gets to work preventing rodents from returning. Our team of specialists will locate the origin of the infestation and swiftly and safely eradicate the mice with best mice control service Melbourne.

Post inspection

In addition to getting rid of the rodents, our qualified exterminators will be able to find any access spots and seal them to keep fresh rodents out of your house or place of business.

Emergency Mice Removal Service in Melbourne

When it comes to mice, every pest control firm takes a slightly different approach. In our view, the time between an initial inspection, quote acceptance, and the start of your first mouse control service should not be prolonged. Every time we come out for emergency mice control, our rodent control trucks are fully packed with all the supplies and tools needed for our pest control specialists to employ same day mice removal service Melbourne.

Don't worry if you think you could have a mouse infestation. At Pest Masters, our qualified and experienced professionals will handle everything! Send us an email or give us a call right away, and we'll ask for all the necessary details to create a thorough emergency mice removal plan to safeguard your residence or place of business.

Commercial Mice removal Melbourne

Everything is done by us. We offer some of the most complete commercial mice control services available. We support the preservation of the goods and services that are so important to your organisation and that keep our communities thriving and healthy by providing them across Melbourne.

Restaurants and food processing businesses, hotels, motels, condominiums, farms and agricultural areas, government structures, schools, and healthcare institutions are just a few of the commercial and municipal sites we cover.

You can be confident that the safety of your people, products, and property is just as essential to us as solving your pest problem since we are dedicated to using the most modern and efficient ecological pest control methods for best mice control service Melbourne.

Same-Day Service For Mice Removal Melbourne

Mice can be deadly in addition to being an annoyance. Mice may also be very destructive if they are not dealt with swiftly and effectively. They have the potential to spread illness and taint food supplies. Our methods for same day mice removal service Melbourne, are effective at promptly eliminating mice from your property. We employ humane techniques that won't injure or stress the animals in any way.

You've come to the correct place if you're seeking a competent expert to help with your mice and rodent control project. We aim to make working on your mice control the same day. We will assist you with best mice removal service Melbourne to make this process as painless as feasible for you.

Prevention Tips to Avoid a Mice Infestation

At Pest Masters our experts have some advice on how to prevent mice and rats from moving into your property, including the following:

  • After feeding your pets, bring their food inside or feed them there.
  • Placing trays beneath bird feeders will keep bird feed off the ground.
  • Use metal trash cans with tight-fitting lids to store animal and pet waste.
  • A daily rake-up of fallen produce is necessary.
  • Pet food and bird seed should be kept in covered metal containers and kept in garages and sheds.
  • Take out junk automobiles, appliances, and old, useless furniture from your property.
  • Weeds and grass that are very tall should be cut down.
  • Stack wood, bricks, and firewood at least a few inches off the ground.

Pest Masters can assist you with best mice control service Melbourne if you believe you may have a mice issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.) How long do mice live?

Ans. Mice often live about two years. A single mouse can give birth to around a dozen offspring every three weeks, so keep that in mind!

Q2.) How can mouse infestation be avoided?

Ans. Several residences in Melbourne are invaded by rodents like mice. Mice look for protection and a food source in the cold. You must first block the exterior openings of your property to keep them from getting access to the heat. This will help you avoid an infestation.

Q3.) Can mice transmit disease?

Ans. Since all rats are bacterial carriers, their faeces, urine, and saliva contaminate food. Store food in airtight, sturdy containers to stop mice from contaminating it. It is best to get in touch with our professional for same day mice removal service Melbourne if you are dealing with an infestation.

Q4.) What food do mice eat?

Ans. Mice consume a wide variety of foods. Although the mouse may consume fruits, meat, and vegetables, it particularly enjoys cereals and seeds.

Q5.) How do I know if I have a mice infestation?

Ans. It may be possible for a mouse infestation to be active in your house or place of business if you discover classic mouse indications like tail marks, droppings, body grease mixed with dirt and urine, or hear peculiar scratching noises..

Q6.) Are mice dangerous to my health?

Ans. Although house mice are adorable and fluffy, they pose a serious health risk. Their excrement and saliva may cause allergic reactions in you, contaminate food supplies, and transmit bacteria. If breathed in, their dry faeces can be hazardous. Among the illnesses that house mice transmit include, Rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and hantavirus.

Q7.) Should I attempt to remove a wasp nest on my own?

Ans. A wasp nest should NEVER be treated or removed by you. Wasp stings are terribly unpleasant and even deadly. Many people, frequently kids and animals, can experience severe allergic reactions after being stung by wasps. You can appoint a skilled wasp control technician from Pest Masters to get rid of a wasp nest.

Q8.) Are there any risks involved in DIY wasp control?

Ans. Attempting to get rid of pests on your own comes with a number of concerns for your safety. Wasps and hornets are infamous for fiercely defending their nests. They are most aggressive in the daytime and considerably less so at night. It can result in painful stings or other issues if you attempt to remove a wasp nest from your house by yourself. Too many stings can induce shock and necessitate a hospital stay. Because they never lose their stingers, wasps, and hornets can sting several times.