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When it doesn't pose harm to people, pets, or property, wildlife can be attractive and helpful components of our environment. Possums have unfortunately become one of the fastest-growing pest issues in urban settings as a result of the residential development of natural areas. They can pose substantial health dangers and significant property damage if not properly managed.

It can be challenging to locate the animal creating issues or harm to your property. In certain circumstances, we make use of security cameras to catch the animal in the act. We'll conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation and develop a tailored strategy for possum removal Melbourne, based on your unique requirements. Possums can be a nuisance on your property, but Pest Masters has a completely integrated possum removal Melbourne, system that will get rid of them and prevent them from coming back. When we remove and exclude possums from your home or place of business, our specialists do it following all applicable state and federal rules and regulations.

Health Risks Posed by Possums

While the possums are not as dangerous as compared to some other wildlife pests. However, here are some risks involved, if they enter your premises.

Check list Diseases Carried by Possums

Possums can harbour illnesses that humans and pets can contract. They usually don't act aggressively, but their bites or scratches can cause infections. Possums may also harbour parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, which can harm both people and animals.

Check list Allergies and Respiratory Issues

The droppings and urine of possums can contain allergens that, when airborne, may trigger allergies and respiratory issues in some individuals. Breathing in airborne allergens from possum waste can lead to symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and respiratory discomfort.

Signs of Possum Infestation

If you suspect any of the below mentioned signs of possum infestation, it's essential to get in touch with local possum removal services Melbourne, and take appropriate steps to address the issue.

Check list Nocturnal Noises and Habits

Possums are nocturnal animals, so if you hear noises like rustling, scratching, or movement in your attic or roof area during the night, it could be a sign of a possum infestation. They are active at night and often make their presence known through their nocturnal habits.

Check list Chewed Wires and Cables

Possums have sharp teeth and may chew on wires and cables in your home or attic. This can pose a significant risk, as damaged wires can lead to electrical issues and even fires. If you find chewed wires, it's a sign that possums may be present. Before this becomes a significant threat its time to call best possum removal service in Melbourne.

Check list Droppings and Urine Smells

Possum waste like urine and faeces can smell bad. Possum activity may be indicated by a strong, unpleasant scent you notice inside or near your property. Additionally, possum droppings in your garden, attic, or other locations are a sure sign that they are present on the premises.

Check list Scratching Sounds on the Roof

Possums are known to make scratching sounds when they move around on roofs or in attic spaces. If you hear persistent scratching noises, especially at night, it may be due to possums trying to access or establish a den in your home.

Possums: What Are They?

Possum stand on wall

Possums have excellent Melbourneptability. It usually lives in trees, but when the cold weather arrives, it naturally can't resist the warm, pleasant environment inside our homes. It will happily build a nest anywhere in our house where it will go unchecked, taking advantage of food crumbs. Possums have a well-known behaviour when threatened: they play "dead possum." They will drop to the ground, hang their tongues out of the corners of their mouths, and expel foul-smelling fluids along with their waste. They won't always act dead if they feel threatened. The last option, especially when they are carrying their young, possums will attack. Till the infants are large enough to survive on their own, they cradle their young on their backs. Possums are often relatively peaceful animals, but if they sense a threat, they may defend themselves or even engage in combat. Particularly to little pets, the razor-sharp, pointed teeth and sharp claws can result in catastrophic damage, which requires immediate possum removal in Melbourne.

Possums Dwelling on Melbourne Rooftops

Possums are marsupial creatures that come from Australia and North America and are exceptionally inescapable in such suburbs. In any case, despite the fact that in such locations, for example, Melbourne they are plentiful, they don't represent any danger to people.

They may sound horrendous because of their comparative attributes with rodents, however, they are innocuous. They will possibly work on being defensive when feeling attacked, and they rarely convey rabies that isn't perceived by numerous inhabitants.

Possum control and treatment administrations are in demand as they like to reside on roofs - which can cause a ton of waste, commotion and harm, particularly around evening time.

We don't advocate that you make this move with your inspection and care alone. Possums can get exceptionally huge, 5 kg as hefty. Additionally, they likewise have sharp claws that will scratch you quickly when they feel as though they must be defending themselves and their homes as you attempt to get them.

This isn't good for you as wounds and other injuries are conceivable. In this manner, it is simpler to hire a crew of possum removal specialists to accomplish the goal.

So it's smarter to contact a possum removal company, to deal with the inspection and treatment measure for you in the event that you have this sort of issue at your Melbourne house.

What Are The Dangers Of Possums?

Possums can be a threat to people and property once they make their way into your home or business. Our possum removal Melbourne experts provide humane ways of eliminating possums.

Check list Flea infestation

Possums entering our homes and causing damage and spreading diseases are the actual issues. Many individuals are unaware of the risk possums pose. For starters, they have flea, tick, mite, and lice infestations. Once inside, these parasites feed on possums and then infest our homes, pets, and sometimes even ourselves.

Check list Disease

Possums frequently carry the typhus virus that can infect both people and animals. Even though typhus infection is normally mild, the majority of those who contract it experience fever, chills, heMelbourneches, and muscle aches for one to two weeks following the bite. In certain instances, a rash that starts on the chest and spreads to the sides and back may require hospitalisation. Many additional illnesses like leptospirosis and tuberculosis, can spread by possums.

Check list Damage

Apart from being a carrier of various diseases that call for possum removal Melbourne. Possums can cause major damage inside your home. They leave behind a lot of garbage, which is what hurts. The attic is their preferred location in the house, and it will shortly be covered in their disease-infected faeces. Possums can excrete quite huge faeces, and long after they are caught, the scent of these faeces will linger throughout the entire house.

In Melbourne, What Attracts Possums To Your House?

Possums are experts at seizing chances. Although their natural home is in forests, they can easily Melbournept to cities where they can find food in the trash, animal feed, and even human meals. In pursuit of food, possums frequently scavenge through the trash. Here is a list of common attractants for possums.

  • An appealing odour can draw a possum to your home.
  • Possums are notorious for infiltrating chicken coops and then stealing the hens and eggs.
  • Any available trash or debris lying on your property are found and consumed by possums.
  • Dogs and cats' pet food that may be accessible.
  • Fruits and berries that have fallen off your trees.
  • Any bird seed that has dropped from the dispenser and hit the ground.

Reasons Why You Should Hire Possum Removal Experts

Our possum removal Melbourne experts are exceptionally skilled and experienced to protect your residential and commercial buildings from possum penetration and attack. Our personnel have a solid understanding of all types of construction processes. Skilled possum removal Melbourne is essential for several reasons, including the following:

  • Possums have a reputation for being violent and frequently bother other animals, especially pets.
  • Possum excretions include microorganisms that can lead to physical disabilities in humans.
  • Possums can carry parasites like ticks and fleas and may be aggressive toward your pets if they get into your home.
  • We do not advise you to try to remove possums on your own since they can harm you and your dear ones with their sharp teeth and claws.
  • They are known to carry many dangerous diseases, like the rabies virus.

Contact us for possum removal in Melbourne right away if you want to handle the issue safely and effectively.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Us For Possum Removal?

We are the top possum removal and control choice for many residents in Melbourne for a variety of factors. Our company is established on a strong basis of respect, excellence, and integrity. Regardless of the size or scope of the assignment, we have always stayed dedicated to providing unmatched customer support and exceptional workmanship.

We offer reliable, considerate, on-time, and high-quality possum removal Melbourne at a fair price. Since we've helped thousands of private individual clients over the years, we've learned that the bulk of our new business comes from reviews and referrals from happy and/or regular clients. We value our clients' loyalty and satisfaction greatly and never take it for granted. Contact us right away to handle all your concerns relating to possum removal Melbourne. Below are some of the reasons we are the most preferred possum removal service provider in Melbourne.

  • Emergency possum removal Melbourne is available around-the-clock.
  • We offer affordable possum removal in Melbourne.
  • Latest technology & tools for effective possum removal.
  • Possum removal, including cleaning up possum faeces.
  • Restoring and cleaning the attic after possum removal Melbourne.
  • Trapping and inspection services for possum removal Melbourne.
  • Compassionate customer support is ready to answer all your queries.

Our Experts Will Assist You in Your Possum Removal Endeavour

Possums in Australia are protected wildlife as we are endeavouring, through our control and treatment strategies, to move them. Being one of the main extermination firms in Melbourne, we are dedicated that all treatment and removal administrations are performed with sincere affectability and determination to ensure that no harm should be possible to people and possums alike.

When your appointment is set, we will be at your premises within one hour to do a top to bottom inspection in the field where the possums live.

We will at that point complete our treatments for removal procedures to catch and secure possum. We move them to an undeniably more steady and species-accommodating territory that simultaneously doesn't disturb Melbourne occupants.

The Most Effective Method for Removing Possum

A homeowner can successfully catch a possum, but what happens next? Melbourne prohibits the transportation of wildlife without the necessary permits. What then do you do with the possum that you just caught? At the back of your property, you may either let the possum go alone or call a possum removal Melbourne service provider to come and pick it up and take it away. Our possum removal Melbourne specialists remove any contamination or trash that is left behind.

Possums moving into your attic, crawlspace, or nearby areas dramatically enhance your chances of unintentional exposure to diseases. Avoid any areas where possum contaminants or possum-dropping accumulations may be present. For cleaning, sanitising, deodorising, and restoration services for possum issues, get in touch with possum removal Melbourne pros.

Check list Inspection

We employ a tight and focused strategy for possum removal Melbourne that includes inspection, eradication, restoration, and monitoring to get rid of possums. To properly identify the target species, find their habitat, and pinpoint their entry sites, we first conduct a thorough on-site investigation.

Check list Possum removal

Based on the results of the inspection, we then remove them with species-specific bait traps and exclusion techniques. Our possum removal Melbourne staff will explain the method, the removal plan's timeline, and the anticipated results to you before beginning. We will start carefully removing the possums once you agree on the treatment plan. Our incredibly helpful staff will erect creative cages to capture possums.

Check list Post-inspection and preventive measures

Once all possums have been removed, we take care of any structural damage or unsanitary conditions that may have been left behind. Finally, to avoid possums from becoming a problem in the future, we implement scientifically validated possum control strategies, such as sealing off exterior structures, modifying the environment, and much more.

Residential Possum Removal Service in Melbourne

Domestic Possum Removal

Possums are nocturnal animals, but if food is easily accessible in a residential area, they may come out during the day. The most efficient method of possum removal from homes in Melbourne is to trap and remove them. Our staff carefully removes the possum from your home and takes it away from your residential property. Along with cleaning and securing all spaces, sealing access openings, and restoring your property to its pre-possum appearance, we can also eliminate and replace any damaged insulation and wood. Call our residential possum removal Melbourne experts right away if you can't stand to have your possum problem any longer.

Emergency Possum Removal Services in Melbourne

Emergency possum removal service

Possums are infamous for their nocturnal habits, which include grass digging, worm hunting, and trash searching. However, they are also common carriers of a wide range of infectious diseases, including toxoplasmosis, which may be detrimental to both pets and humans. All these factors can be taken into consideration when hiring our emergency possum removal services if there is possum activity on or near your home. It is best to get in touch with our reputable possum removal Melbourne expert immediately.

Same-Day Possum Removal  in Melbourne

Same day Possum removal service

Possums typically live under barns or even climb up into the attics of houses, where they consume pet food and garbage regularly. This makes same-day possum removal Melbourne services vital for homes or business. Our possum removal Melbourne specialists are certified, insured, and have more than 10 years of experience. No of the size, complexity, or scope of the wildlife problem, our experts have access to the most advanced tools and resources available. In addition to employing safe, humane, and effective ways for removing wildlife, we also work around the clock to provide same-day services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1 What steps can be taken to prevent a possum from entering?

Ans. The easiest approach to prevent possums from visiting you if you are aware of their presence in your area is to cover trash cans, refrain from putting pet food or leftovers from a barbecue unattended overnight, and pick any fallen fruit.

Q 2 What Should I Do If An Opossum Enters My Home?

Ans. Close all entryways except for the exit door. The mere fact that you are there should be enough to convince the animal to use the provided escape path. Meanwhile, contact our possum removal Melbourne expert to handle it for you.

Q 3 What harm a possum might cause to my roof?

Ans. Possums will pee through your roof, producing yellow streaks on your walls or ceiling. Possums may harm your lights if they become entangled in the wiring on your roof.

Q 4 What types of possums do you remove in Melbourne?

Ans. Our expert possum catchers Melbourne specialise in removing common brushtail possums and ringtail possums, which are the most frequently encountered possum species in Melbourne.

Q 5 How can I request a quote for possum removal in Melbourne?

Ans. Requesting a quote for our professional possum removal Melbourne service is easy. You can reach out to us through our website or contact our customer service. We'll gather the necessary information about your possum issue and provide you with a competitive quote based on your specific needs.

Q 6 Will the possum not return to my roof?

Ans. No, we'll patch up any existing gaps during a possum removal Melbourne procedure that it might find a way through, in addition to the ones where it's already entering.